Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Virtual Coffee {18} or Tea actually

Hello dear friends and welcome to coffee, or actually tea today as I’m giving coffee up for the next few weeks. 

With my usual bimonthly regularity I’ve embarked on another one of those insano-projects that generally serve to make me more neurotic though their actual purpose would be to bring me to a place of serenity and peace. (Yeah, right, probably never going to happen, but a girl can dream.)

You see, in my perpetual quest to lose weight and, more importantly, feel good I finally decided to admit defeat in regard to the stupid diet (i.e. the zone diet). I simply cannot be bothered to constantly measure, weigh and analyze my food. So then I read this book and this book and decided that the road to happiness was depriving myself of the foods I love the most. 
It may not sound like it, but there is a twisted logic to this whole thing. My plan was further reinforced by Jessica Anne over at Adventures with three girls who actually went vegan (I’m not ready to go that far) and apparently feels grrrrrrrrrreeeeaaaaat (yes, I’m channeling a tiger).

Anyway, I’ve given up what are considered the seven most allergy inducing foods (or rather food sensitivity inducing foods), which, according to these books are: Dairy, Wheat, Soy, Corn, Eggs, Peanuts and Sugar (people aren’t generally sensitive to sugar, but it makes the whole food sensitivity situation worst). For good measure I also eliminated tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, shellfish and red meat the first week, which predictably led my husband to wonder what in the holy heck I was going to actually be eating. Let me just say it’s been going surprisingly well, also, aware of my limitations I’m taking it in weekly increments. Today I finished the first week of this regime and decided to do one more week and I’m not looking any further ahead than that. This makes it manageable for me and I’m not frothing at the bit for some bread or pasta (remember, I live in Italy!).
So, for now I feel grrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat (though I’m literally peeing every 2.5 minutes, how is that possible??!!) and we’ll see how it goes from here.

We’ve been very busy with activities for the kids involving picnics in the mountains, pillow fights in the town park, pirate ships and aquariums. The beach renovation is going well, so we’re ordering all the furniture tomorrow and on Thursday we’re going to check on progress (which means a second installment of the reno posts, for those interested, on Friday).

Summer’s half over and it’s making me a little sad. The boy starts preschool on September 7th (sob, sniff, wail) and I’m starting to feel a bit melancholic… though I’m thinking some back to school shopping excitement should help me snap right out of it (remember, it’s my first time, hence the anticipation).

Ok, finished my green tea, and the bathroom is calling to me again, I’m literally losing my weight in water… wish it was permanent!

(I just realized this was a very one-sided, self-absorbed conversation. Then started thinking it’s this way because I’m the only one here. Then I realized that the other side of the conversation is me reading your coffee or tea posts and all is right in my mind again. Yes, I just totally went off on a useless, slightly contorted tangent, this happens with alarming frequency.)

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pillow Fighting

Every Sunday in June, July and part of August our town organizes little shows for kids in one of the main parks. This summer we’ve managed to go a few times, last year we tried but the boy got completely freaked out by the music and the actor wearing a gigantic, fluffy dog suit (who wouldn’t get freaked?). 
So yesterday we went expecting to sit on our picnic blanket in the grass for an hour watching an entertaining little story, what we got instead was this:

A pillow fight. Who’d have thunk it?!

Arming up 
joining the craziness
Stealthy attack from behind
Super (pillow fighting) man

the guy directing this whole thing

No way would something like this have happened in a big city, people would’ve run off with the pillows… 
We had a blast, kids and adults alike, one of the good things of living in a small town I guess.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Da Doo Dee

Sometimes I think my kids are the cutest. (Of course I lie, my kids are always the cutest). Tonight, after dinner, as I was in the process of trying to turn the kitchen back into something the opposite of a hurricane site, the Boy and the Girl were playing. I had never really noticed that they have started playing together as opposed to just around each other.

Tonight they were running around like whirling dervishes and when I stopped to listen I hear the Boy explaining to the Girl, “Girl, you stand here and count, one, two, three, five, eight, ten and then come get me”. And the Girl, obligingly went to stand with her back against the wall, recited Da, Doo, Dee and then went running after her brother. It appears that they were playing a strange mix of tag and hide and go seek in which the girl was always “it” so had to go stand against the wall, count and then chase her brother around the room.

This went on for a good fifteen minutes. They were pretty tired by the time we went upstairs to bed, so a win all around. Plus the Girl’s learning to count… Da, Doo, Dee.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Virtual Coffee {17}

Hello dear friends and welcome to coffee. I’ve missed our coffee date lately and am very happy to be back. Last week we went to France for a little vacation, I shared some pictures yesterday and I figure that today they’re the best accompaniment to a nice cup of coffee so sit back and take a little virtual vacation with me along with our virtual coffee.

We met a really nice statue in Menton, it didn’t freak us out at all.

We have a fixation with the merry-go-round apparently:

And we made funny faces:

We lounged around:

We went to the park:

We found out that Daddy's face is squishy:

And then we slept:

When we woke up, we went swimming:

Then we went to town and took lots of pictures:

We anxiously waited for fireworks to celebrate July 14th Bastille Day in France:

And here they are:

And then the next morning we played peekaboo:

And did a little dance:

And chilled on the stairs:

Thanks for coming for coffee, more pics tomorrow if you’re interested!

And don't forget to visit Amy, her pictures are definitely better than mine!

p.s. Just checking again: I’ve been told by a friend that she can’t comment with Disqus, and as I’ve noticed a certain decrease in the number of comments I was just wondering if Disqus is, in fact, causing problems. If you would like to comment but can’t seem to for some reason could you drop me an email at {moomser at gmail dot com} to let me know, please.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh, so that’s where you’ve been

You may have noticed a certain lack of communication from me this past week… I promise I had a really good reason, you see, I was here:

Looking at this:

From out here:

Or relaxing here:

With them:

Doing this:

And this:

 Eating this:

made us this happy:

We also did some more of this:

Then we took sail on a pirate ship:

and drove off into the sunset:

Wrestled crocodiles:

And chased little girls with glee:

We swam and swam and swam some more and caught some rays:

There'll be more pics in the next few days...

Cause they're just too cute...

But I missed you all and am very happy to be back home!