Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Virtual Coffee {17}

Hello dear friends and welcome to coffee. I’ve missed our coffee date lately and am very happy to be back. Last week we went to France for a little vacation, I shared some pictures yesterday and I figure that today they’re the best accompaniment to a nice cup of coffee so sit back and take a little virtual vacation with me along with our virtual coffee.

We met a really nice statue in Menton, it didn’t freak us out at all.

We have a fixation with the merry-go-round apparently:

And we made funny faces:

We lounged around:

We went to the park:

We found out that Daddy's face is squishy:

And then we slept:

When we woke up, we went swimming:

Then we went to town and took lots of pictures:

We anxiously waited for fireworks to celebrate July 14th Bastille Day in France:

And here they are:

And then the next morning we played peekaboo:

And did a little dance:

And chilled on the stairs:

Thanks for coming for coffee, more pics tomorrow if you’re interested!

And don't forget to visit Amy, her pictures are definitely better than mine!

p.s. Just checking again: I’ve been told by a friend that she can’t comment with Disqus, and as I’ve noticed a certain decrease in the number of comments I was just wondering if Disqus is, in fact, causing problems. If you would like to comment but can’t seem to for some reason could you drop me an email at {moomser at gmail dot com} to let me know, please.


  1. A wonderful post!  Looks like you had a great time in France.  I spent a month in France in the summer of 1982 and I remember seeing the Bastilled Day parade and fireworks at night.  You took some memorable photos of the family and I like the way you shared the story.  Thanks for coffee and have a great week!

  2. How funny, we decided to get out of France and head to Italy for the long weekend!  We did spend some time in Menton on our drive back.  It looks like you had a great time!

  3. what a wonderful time you had! love all the pics, but esp. the fireworks :) thanks for a fun coffee break!!

  4. Thank you for visiting!

  5. We may have crossed paths in Menton and not known it!

  6. Thank you, and a great week to you to!

  7. Lovely pictures!!

    +follow :)

  8. GREAT photos! How awesome that you get to take a "mini" vacation to France. I'd give my right arm to do cool. 

    Thanks for coffee and have a FABULOUS week.

  9. I would disagree with you about your photos.  I especially love the fireworks one that looks like the sun is imploding.  It appears I can leave this comment - not sure what the problem is with disqus.  How nice to be able to get away, I must admit that I am having "get away envy" with a lot of people this summer.  Alas, back to the grindstone!

  10. I've always heard they have nice statues in Menton. 

  11. oh, wow! looks like a lovely time! i hope to visit france one day...always dreaming of that one day! : )  great pictures!