Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Crisis

I am in the middle of a crisis this morning. Oh, Happy Fourth y’all!

Anyway, Independence Day is not a holiday here in Italy (I know, right?), it’s just a regular ole day, so basically no fireworks. But as per the “any excuse for a barbecue” adage, we usually find a way to celebrate anyway, so we’ve got guests over this afternoon for dinner, Moms and kids arriving earlier to play, Dad’s trying to sneak off work early to join us. I spent the weekend looking at cookbooks and websites for fun food ideas… when in fact I probably should have been cooking… So now I find myself, Monday morning ahem, Fourth of July morning, still without a clue as to what to make.

The husband was kind enough to take the kiddos to daycare so I could get a move on, but here I am in front of my mac rather than in front of the stove. AAAAAHHHHHH.

I saw a recipe for the awesomest red velvet / cheesecake layer cake ever, but it’s too complicated to make now (should’ve started yesterday), plus just realized don’t have even a whisper of a strawberry or blueberry or whipping cream anywhere in the house and the grocery stores are closed on Monday morning. Yes. You read right, grocery stores, closed, on Monday morning. Appalling, right? So I’m in full-fledged panic mode. Also, did I mention I forgot to cancel my pilates class this morning, which means I have to go, which means another hour of my cooking time gone… Am I the most disorganized person you know, or what?
Ok, I’m hoping now that I got that off my chest inspiration will hit.

So to all my American friends, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!

Looking forward to seeing loads of pictures of what a proper Fourth of July should be, unlike my half-assed one.


  1. Ha your half assed is 10 times better than my complete failure. H at work. Dinner out tonight. Yeah. I got nothing. 

  2. I went to the store this morning, too lazy to plan ahead too! Happy 4th to you anyway:)

  3. Now that I'm back in the States, I can't get used to the mega commercial everything open ALL THE TIME thing.  I even cut in line the other day and my husband chided me saying I was being so Italian. Oops! Need some time to re-integrate.  Hope your 4th turned out ok!!

  4. Well, you really can't celebrate Independence Day while in Britain can you... 

  5. I find that doing things last minute or way ahead of time gets the same result... I probably work best under pressure!

  6. Did you cut in line and not even notice all the angry stares and huffing behind you? Then you really ARE Italian!!