Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things we'd rather not think about

Apparently Independence Day really took it outta me since I spent all day yesterday with an extremely persistent and annoying migraine. I even managed to miss my Virtual Coffee this week. And today I want to talk about something that’s going to send most of you running for the hills.

Pediatric Cancer.

I realize that there are approximately a gazillion charities and organizations out there fighting for all sorts of things, money, awareness, political pull…. So each of us has to navigate through all the information we’re constantly bombarded with and decide what we care about, or rather, what we want to vocally care about.

I’m lucky enough (knock on wood, touch steel and whatever other bad luck thwarting ritual I can think of) not to ever have been directly touched by pediatric cancer, but I’ve got kids and cancer is, well, a much despised, recurring, hopefully beat for real this time, annoyance in my life lately so…
Ever since the husband got sick my recurring, obsessive thought has been “please let the children be alright” right along with please let the husband get well and please don’t let me get sick. It’s a miracle I haven’t turned into a hypochondriac. The thing is, when cancer comes a knocking at your door, directly or indirectly, it becomes a reality, an obsession and you see it lurking around every corner.

I know what it feels like to watch an adult battling cancer, to watch them suffer and be afraid and it’s a truly horrible feeling. Imagine watching a child go through that, or don’t cause it’ll make you cry.

So I’ve decided to hang my hat on a cause vocally, for today.

Vivint is giving away $1.25 Million to charities. Help us win!

I became aware of this through Lemon Gloria you can go read what she has to say here. What I’m asking you to do today basically is to vote for Journey 4 a Cure by clicking on the banner above (they’ll ask you to login with your facebook account, yes it’s another company asking to access your info and if you’re against this sort of thing, I get it, but if you allow some companies to access your info – say twitter for example – one more isn’t going to hurt is it?) the organization that gets the most votes by August 27th gets $250,000 from Vivint. Not bad, huh?
All you have to do is vote, preferably every day, or whenever you remember, but if you vote every day think of the good karma coming your way!

If you want more information check out Journey 4 a Cure or Lemon Gloria or Masala Chica who inspired LG.

We all have children. Pediatric Cancer. Think about it. Or don’t because it’s just too horrible for thought, just vote.


  1. That's very sweet of you, Moomser. I'm terrible about commenting but I do read and I find you inspirational.

  2. Ah Moomser. On my way over...