Monday, July 25, 2011

Pillow Fighting

Every Sunday in June, July and part of August our town organizes little shows for kids in one of the main parks. This summer we’ve managed to go a few times, last year we tried but the boy got completely freaked out by the music and the actor wearing a gigantic, fluffy dog suit (who wouldn’t get freaked?). 
So yesterday we went expecting to sit on our picnic blanket in the grass for an hour watching an entertaining little story, what we got instead was this:

A pillow fight. Who’d have thunk it?!

Arming up 
joining the craziness
Stealthy attack from behind
Super (pillow fighting) man

the guy directing this whole thing

No way would something like this have happened in a big city, people would’ve run off with the pillows… 
We had a blast, kids and adults alike, one of the good things of living in a small town I guess.

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  1. I agree on scary fluffy dog suits. But a community pillow fight? Awesome!

  2. Sounds like tons of fun!!! We live in a little tiny town, too! But honestly I can't imagine pulling something like this off.. .there are so many ornery kids who would love to have a chance to beat up on another kid. Were there any injuries?

  3. love it, so fun!!!

  4. Now I feel like Debbie Downer after posting that comment... I am so sorry if I came off like a stinker!!  Obviously you and your fam had tons of fun, otherwise you wouldn't have posted about it, right?? :0) And those pillows look really tiny, so I am sure there's really no way to hurt someone with them. :0)

  5. I know, right! My list of pros and cons to living out in the middle of nowhere is slowly started to even out, it used to be way heavier on the cons...

  6. It was actually more of a pillow throwing fight, they had volunteers in hard hats walking in the crowd keeping people from whacking each other too hard.

  7. it was, almost more fun for the adults than for the kids!

  8. I was actually a little worried when it all started too, but the organizers were great at keeping everyone in check.

  9. Oh my.... How fun is that!!!