Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Virtual Coffee {13}


Hello friends and welcome for coffee!
We have had some DREARY weather here the last week or so. It’s been raining and raining and then when it stopped raining, it rained some more with no end in sight. It even feels like it starts raining harder whenever I have to leave the house, as some sort of roundabout karmic message coming to me from the great beyond via the weather. A message I don't get, incidentally, so really just a load of wasted effort on the weather’s part if you ask me.

Anyway, I’m still here reeling from the dire predicament I’ve unexpectedly found myself in, you may read about it here (but the short version is the husband’s decided I need to go back to work. Sigh). Men. I swear, it’s like you’re finally getting your things in order, your kids start sleeping through the night (50% of the time), they’re both in daycare in the mornings, and you finally have five minutes to go to the gym or get a pedicure or file away three years worth of crap that’s been piling around, basically you’re finally starting to feel human again and bam a man shows up and slugs you from left field.

Can’t live with them… actually, that’s it, can’t live with them.

No, just kidding, but seriously, he’s so going to regret this decision, you mark my words! Give me a couple of months and he’ll beg me to return to the status quo, work from home, hang with the kids, make sure his life runs smoothly.

Now on to happier subjects: You may remember I mentioned that we were going to start renovating an apartment at the beach, well we started last week! So we’re very excited. It’s great for the husband’s mood as he has a fun project to work on and it’s exactly the kind of thing that I think will really help his recovery, which incidentally is going quite well so far. 

And I’m having fun daydreaming with the Ikea catalogue. In fact, tomorrow I’m off to Ikea to plan the kitchen, so that should be fun (and should also be counted as work, since I have to drive an hour and a half there and back and the apartment is technically the husband’s, don’t you think?).

I’ll start posting before pictures to document the work in progress just as soon as I get over my fear (or laziness) regarding all things photography, it’ll be fun to document this for posterity and also so you can all see how S      L      O     W     ,yet precise, Italian workers are.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the view from the apartment; I look at it often and daydream about next summer.

Yes, next summer. Because although we’re barely at the beginning of June and they’ve already torn down all the walls that needed tearing down and put up all the walls that needed putting up and they pulled up all the floors and ordered all the doors and windows, the apartment won’t be ready until the end of September. September. So though we will start enjoying our seaside weekends this autumn we won’t be able to dip our toes in that gorgeous blue water for another year. And it’s not like we’re renovating Buckinham Palace, it’s a 120sq. meter apartment. I’m baffled by their timeline. But worry not, the mystery will unfold over the next few months and I’ll share with you all the intricate workings of the Italian construction business.

For now, toodles! (and go say hi to Amy!)


  1. I daydream with the Ikea catalogue too! I love wandering round Ikea looking at the rooms set up even more though. Good luck with the renovations!

    Also good luck with the job stuff, I hope it all goes well.

  2. OMG! I wouldn't care if it was December, that looks awesome. Wow! Best of luck on the reno, those things are never a cake walk, but think of the bigger picture and how awesome it will be when it's done.

    Sorry for your rain. I will send some Iowa sunshine (humidity and 100 degree temps) your way.

    Thanks for coffee and good luck with the job thing...ugh...men.

  3. I hate when Dal suggests I go back to work. He would regret it too, he has no idea how much it would actually affect our day to day routine. Stupid husbands.

  4. I love IKEA... I miss it. Nearest one is in Canada... I have to finish getting passports for the kids.

    Good luck with the work. And I look forward to the renovation stories...

  5. I've heard about Italian construction! But that view is awesome! And yes, pet, make his life "inconvenient" as we say around the Fancy house...

  6. BOO to going back to work...but YAY for pretty beach apartment! Hopefully you can re-coordinate a schedule that works well for you. Good luck!

  7. oh wow, what a fabulous place to have an apartment! i could do a lot of daydreaming with an ikea catalog myself right now! : )