Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Virtual Coffee {16}


Hello friends and welcome to coffee.

I am so late today it’s actually more like an afternoon snack! The day just got away from me, nothing exciting happened, just errands, grocery shopping and a stupid work appointment after lunch (as you may be able to tell, I’m still not totally down with this whole working again thing).

I’ve been in a fog all day, my allergies are driving me bananas.  And the heat… unbearable! 
I’m totally dreaming of the beach lately, can’t wait for the apartment to be ready. If you’re interested I posted some pictures from the renovation yesterday, I will probably try to make it a weekly thing now since it’s all coming together at this point. I have that feeling when time dilates and contracts continuously so I’m impatient for everything to be done and the house to be ready but at the same time I feel like I’m constantly doing stuff, getting calls from the workers and going down there to check on the progress, thank goodness it’s not far!

I’ve been reading loads of posts on summer vacation lately and how family routines and dynamics have changed to adjust and I’m a little bit envious as we don’t have that school year / summer vacation cadence yet. My whippersnappers are too little and their daycare is open all year so our routine is unvaried (except for the oppressive heat).
On the one hand it gives me more freedom now, but I must admit that I’m looking forward to a time of summer lists and new adventures.

I can’t seem to lift this humidity induced fog from my brain so I’m off in search of… something… possibly my garden hose, to cool off… or this:

This is what the kids do every afternoon.

And then I’m off to visit Amy and all my other coffee buddies. Toodles!


  1. i'd like to spend my afternoon in the sun, bathing suit and water! looks like the kiddos have this summer thing down, pat!

  2. thanks for stopping by for coffee. :) I came by to visit,  I am your newest follower!

  3. I know, it's just instinctive! We should follow our instincts too!

  4. Thanks for following, your blog is lovely!

  5. Ah, allergies and day care.  Two things I am not all that familiar with.  I hear ya about the work though.  I hate it when my day job interferes with my life.  

  6. Ahh to be a kid again playing out in the cool water on endless summer days, we used to love our paddling pool - not as exciting as the one in the photo but it was good enough.

    I'm dreaming of summer holidays too, we're off to France in August, there's still plenty of summer to enjoy before then though.

    I hope your allergies have calmed down a bit today.

  7. love the photo!! ah! fun in the paddling pool :)
    so sorry about the heat and humidity - it saps the life out of you, doesn't it?
    take care x

  8. Visiting for coffee (a day late, but I have this morning's coffee in hand as I read).  Reading your post makes me so grateful that 1) I don't suffer from allergies, and 2) we've had beautiful weather lately here, in which I've been able to have the windows open and not run the A/C in over a week now.  I guess the humidity will be a little tempered when you move to the beach-- that will be nice (and maybe it will be better for your allergies, too, no?).  Oh those backyard blow-up pool days and the garden hose-- so much fun!!-- brings back lots of fond memories of when my daughter was younger (she's about to turn 9!!)  Thanks for coffee!

  9. I am so jealous of non allergy sufferers! Glad you've been having great weather, I'm hoping for a nice thunderstorm today (it's starting to feel like it) to chase away some of the heat and my allergies! Thanks for following!

  10. I am currently camped out in front of a fan with a cold passion fruit juice in hand... some of the benefits of the heat "sorry, can't do anything it's too hot!"

  11. Thankfully a storm just blew in so my allergies will be gone for at least a few days now!

  12. I know! Stupid work!

  13. Melissa- miss sew & soJune 29, 2011 at 3:19 PM

    ahhhh- i loved those days of little ones at home...
    i know it seems there's no difference in the daily routine...but in no time at all, you'll be writing summer holiday lists like the rest of us...and you'll remember those early moments when they were just *all yours*- those gorgeous little kiddos...
    enjoy...those babies in the pool and the garden hose....

    melissa- visiting from Amy's x

  14. Thanks for coffee!
    Our little place in the Midwest has been officially hit by a heat wave. 114 degrees with the heat index, and I need to sit outside and cheer my son on at his teeball game...ugh. I think A dip in that pool sounds perfect on a day like this.

    Have a wonderful weekend.