Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer - or damn it's hot outside

I’ve been rereading some of my recent posts and have decided to stop complaining about the weather already and put a positive spin on it today so let’s see how that goes, because honestly I’m becoming a tad monotonous.

So here are five great things about when it’s so hot you start seriously considering becoming an expert in cryogenics:

1. Line drying. Doing laundry when it’s this hot is more a pleasure than a pain. Taking a couple of minutes to take your cool, wet clothes out of the machine and hugging them to your body, is pure and utter bliss. Plus you can line dry them outside, they smell great and make you feel virtuously green!

2. Idleness. It’s too damn hot to do anything; it’s the perfect excuse. Right now, I’m sitting in front of a fan with a cold drink barely moving my hands over the keyboard so as not to raise my body temperature even an iota. Who the hell has the energy to clean or run errands?

3. Pasta alla Checca. I eat it when it’s cold too, but when it’s hot…mmmmmm. Or this Italian rice salad my friend Nuts about food posted. Oh, and sorbet. And apparently you can even make your own homemade ice cream in a bag.

4. The beach. Or even the pool, in fact, they call to us. Lazy days sitting poolside sipping cold, sweet iced tea. Ok, well this one is more a dream right now than reality as with two small kids I’m constantly on high alert when at the pool, yelling at them to stay away from the edge, or taking one in then the other, trying to avoid the bigger kids and their cannon balls. But still, a girl can dream.

5. Thunderstorms. Real proper storms, like the one coming in now. When dark clouds roll in, the occasional gust of cool air, the thick, heavy raindrops that make you run inside, but not too fast, cause the cold rain feels wonderful on your skin. And then you leave all the windows open and let the house cool off too.
And everything smells like summer.

Ah, I feel better already!


  1. That's a great list. It's hard to be positive when it's so uncomfortable, but you're doing a good job!!

  2. You aren't listening to me. Shouldn't you have an assistant? And then how fast the laundry dries wouldn't be your concern? :-) Love your "silver lining" take on it! x

  3. I know, am working on it... though will have a couple of assistants for sure in ten to twelve years, and they'd be perfectly trained to my needs since I'm raising them!

  4. Sometimes it's so hot, positive is all you've got left!