Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Awards, confessions and blog love

Oh me, oh my, I posted three days in a row, what could possibly be going on with me, it’s not like I can use my blog to get out of work, can I ?!?! (If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about read here.)

The truth is that the lovely Bridget from Twinisms, the courageous mom of, get this (and you may actually want to be sitting down before you continue reading), two sets of twins – ok I’ll just give you a minute to let that sink in – was so kind as to pass on a blogging award to me (well actually two bloggy awards, anyhoo). Now, not only is this incredibly flattering (to me) and sweet (of her) but it’s also fun because in accordance to the rules of acceptance of these awards I must tell you seven things you don’t know about me, and then pass them on to other bloggers I love, kind of like a chain letter but without all the annoying threats of apocalyptic bad luck to those who don’t play.


So here goes nothing, seven things you may not know about me:

1. I am a technology junkie. I don’t go anywhere without my iphone, ipad and kindle (as well as my MacBook Air, as often as not). I’m not kidding, I stack them up just so and carry them around the house with me, from room to room, like a weird and articulated security blanket.

2. I won’t go to sleep without having a snack first. Ever. Most of the time (when I’m motivated) it’ll be a zone diet approved snack, so no guilt, but some of the time it’s just plain junk – twizzlers, goldfish crackers, nutrageous – right before going to sleep, for maximum calorie assimilation. This probably explains why I’m losing weight at a snail’s pace.

3. Never so much as right after my wedding did I use the phrase “I should’ve listened to my Mother”. It infuriates me, but the few things that went wrong were the ones in which I completely disregarded her advice. Sigh. Let this be a lesson to any young bride- to-be out there reading this, when in doubt call my mother.

4. I was very insecure in high school and through most of college, this led to some pretty erratic behavior and a lot of embarrassment when I think back to that time. I sometimes wish I could get a do-over, but with my present day self-assuredness and a healthy dose of humility.

5. I don’t like dogs. There I said it, you can leave now. I don’t hate them or anything, and I don’t have anything against them or their owners, I just don’t want one in my life. Ever. Never ever. And I’m pretty frightened by the fact that my daughter loves them.

6. I don’t shave my legs as often as I should. In fact, I never wear skirts for this precise reason. If you see me in pants (that’ll be trousers for the Brits reading this, not underwear, you’ll never see me in my underwear!) you can bet I’ve got all sorts of hairy legs going on underneath there. I know, it’s gross; I just can’t be bothered.

7. Even though I’m well on my way towards middle age when I think of myself, what I can do, what adventures, opportunities and discoveries are still before me I clearly envision myself as a twenty year old. Does this make me delusional or wise, I wonder?

There you go, now you know me way better than you may have ever desired to… lucky you! And now it’s time to share a little blog love, so go check out my blog friends:

I’m so Fancy – because we should all get to live like the rich, though we may only do it vicariously.

The Nero Chronicles – because the occasional dose of beautiful things and beautiful words can turn around the dreariest of days.

Nuts about food – because who doesn’t need some inspiration in the kitchen sometimes, right?

In Bloom . because it’s sweet and fun and wholesome.

And baby cakes three – because her food is yummy and her pictures gorgeous what more could one ask for?

Lemon Gloria – because she’s funny, and real, oh and funny. Trust me.

Mother’s always right – because her baby is really cute, plus apparently she won’t clap for mommy but will clap for everyone else so this woman needs us. Also, she occasionally tells naked stories involving hot firemen. Need I say more?

There are so many more blogs I love, but I had to cap it off at seven, so there ya have it. Oh, and don’t get used to this whole posting everyday thing, cause that’s so not going to continue!


  1. Well first thanks for the shout out! and you know what, I too carry appliances around the house but more than that, I always, I mean always, have a little snack in my bed while doing 3 minutes of reading before going to sleep. Even if it's 3 little raisins because I'm stuffed. How's that!? x

  2. I was just saying to a friend today that I still feel like I'm 20-something. Then I look in the mirror and think..who's that old lady?

    Thank you for calling me courageous. Courageous or stupid...hard to tell sometimes!!

  3. Thank you!!! I know, I'm mid-30's too and over tired and when I look in the mirror I miss the old me!! i'm so trying to get better at shaving my legs, in fact I wear skirts now because it forces me to do so. The jeans were getting ridiculous.

  4. Ohhh, thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

  5. Thank you for the blog-love. Also loving your list of confessions. I especially relate to the leg-shaving and snack-eating ones. I think we have much in common...