Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Virtual Coffee {27}

Hello dear friends, welcome to coffee. 

If we were really having coffee today I would tell you that I’m seriously thinking of investing in a canoe. For when my entire neighborhood floods from all the friggin’ rain. If I get a canoe I can still go grocery shopping and stuff, it’s called planning ahead. But I really shouldn’t be making light of all the rain and water everywhere after what happened in Genoa last week, several deaths due to flooding, mostly moms and children. Moms trying to get their children from school. Insane.

I would also tell you that despite my silence on the subject I’m still slowly but surely going ahead with my de-cluttering project (i.e. one and only new year’s resolution). I finally did my biannual seasonal closet rearrange for winter this weekend and have two more huge trash bags of clothes, one to give away and one to sell. And that’s just my stuff, I still have to do the kids and husband. They recently opened a huge used resale shop near my house (totally new concept here!) so I finally have somewhere to sell all my stuff as there’s no such thing as yard or garage sales here.

I would tell you that I’m very excited that my Mom’s arriving today for a couple of days. The kids can’t wait to see her, and I’m anxious to iron out details of our Houston trip in person and get my tickets. Or at least to book them as we have to wait for the Husband’s doctors to give him final approval to travel. He’s discussing it with them on Friday and I’m keeping everything crossable crossed. He’s having some GVHD (graft versus host disease) problems, which is good on one hand because it means his immune system is working and will take care of any remaining cancer cells floating around – we hope -  on the other hand it needs to be kept under control (they can’t let it get out of hand cause he could end up with permanent damage) and it’s making him a little uncomfortable. It’s hit his lungs and his eyes mainly for now, so he’s got diminished lung capacity, which basically means that he can go about his daily activities but if he exerts himself even just a little he gets short of breath. So no running in his near future. His eyes are a bit of a pain because he has no tears, zero, nada, this is incredibly annoying cause his eyes are extremely irritated and his vision is slowly going down. So he got glasses both to see better and to protect his eyes from the elements (like air), thankfully he looks good in glasses so he’s not too upset. Also, his hair’s starting to grow again so he’ll soon be back to his old handsome, albeit way skinnier, self.

Wow, what a veritable mish mash of news today… well, that’s what you get with coffee sometimes, I’m just scattered lately, it’s the rain’s fault!

Now go on over and visit our hostess Amy and fawn over her kiddos!



  1. Oh my gosh! What's the 411 on the used resale shop!? Thrift & consignment shopping has made it to Cuneo, that deserves a parade of some sort.

  2. When it stops raining we can organize one!

  3. What I wouldn't give for a resale shop around here.  That is still a complete alien concept....

  4. I stopped by for coffee. :) I love having resale, consignment shops here where I live. It is a good way for me to sell mine so I can buy MORE> LOL
    thinking of your husband today too and sending my warm thoughts.

  5. Oh, I know, Amy's kids are just so gorgeous, they melt my heart and I usually don't like kids (except my own, of course).  Wow, that is some heavy duty overhaul your husband has been through.  Do you know the blogger Roos Rust en Regelmaat?  Her husband just had a double stem cell transplant and is suffering from graft versus host disease.  I don't know how you guys hold it together, other than you don't have a choice, right?  You just get up every day and do what has to be done (kind of been-there-done-that but my husband's was a brain tumour and not leukemia).  Still, it takes an amazing amount of strength to live it.  I hope your trip to Houston gets sorted out.  Thanks for the coffee!

  6. i hope your husband gets good news at his appointment this week so you all can schedule your trip. what are you going to houston for? ugh...the rain, we have had it for a couple days now but nothing bad. soon it will all be snow so i am not complaining. i am sorry to hear about the deaths near you, that is so sad...and really scary. i am slowly trying to de-clutter myself...but really? i have so far to go....hoping no one turns me into hoarders ; ) thanks for coffee!

  7. Ooph flooding is no fun. I hadn't heard about what happened in Genoa...in Thailand, though, we're coming into the second month of severe flooding, high enough to reach the second story of my aunt's house in Bangkok. No bueno.  I'm thankful to be up north though, but we can't even conceive of the costs of recovery, once the waters finally recede.

    Anyway, that sounds pretty intense, what your husband (and you!) is going through this time around. I really hope things go well, and hopefully your trip remains right on track too. I know how much your looking forward to it!

  8. Ooh a canoe. I don't know. I think you have enough on your plate without such crazy talk. Glad your mom is getting a visit!