Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I wasn’t killed by a turkey

So, I didn’t suffer a fatal attack of indigestion after thanksgiving, which, incidentally, we celebrated on Sunday here because it’s not a holiday weekend in Italy. I know, why?  

Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know that I’m on hiatus this week. I’m tired and have no writing in me. So, instead of putting out half-assed crap for you to read I’m turning in early and catching up on my shows, hopefully this will get the creative juices flowing (and, more importantly, unclog my tivo). Or something.

But I’m not leaving you high and dry… I have pictures for you. Thanksgiving pictures. Because now that you’ve finally finished off the turkey leftovers and are starting to forget the family drama you absolutely need me to bring it all back to the top of your minds. You’re welcome.

Thanksgiving 2011 
Despite being in Italy, away from home for most of us, there was food:

the spread

yeah, baby!

dessert.... (the healthy fruit salad? just for show!)

And festive mise en place:

The womenfolk in the kitchen:
All the men cleared out when we mentioned carving the turkey... wimps!

Friends relaxing together:

The little kids. The big kids weren't all that keen to be photographed.


and lollipops:

 And outdoor fun

I'm not sure what she was getting into, but her who me face says it all!

 And dishes done:
me, in the kitchen

And lots and lots of this:

See you next week!


  1. Feel free to send me some of that leftover stuffing. It looks delicious. 

    Enjoy your week off. I'll miss you, but you deserve it!

  2. That looks delicious!  Next year I'm taking the drive down to Italy for Thanksgiving!

  3. You've really captured the joy and the purpose of my favourite holiday in these pictures. Happy Thanksgiving - so much to be thankful for when you're a mama, eh :)

  4. Um, loved your holiday. Love the archways! I know, this lack of a real Thursday off is kind of sad, isn't it. x