Thursday, October 28, 2010

One of those days

Today was one of those days… it feels like I did a lot, I’m pretty tired, and yet… not an awful lot to show for it. This morning I cleaned out the girl’s closet. I’ve been rearranging closets for the past two weeks, it never ends. Unfortunately, in Italy small closets are the norm, in fact walk-in closets are practically non-existent we basically use armoires, and since houses here don’t come outfitted with closets and furnished kitchens and bathrooms, as they do in the US when you’re renting you tend not to want to spend too much money on these sorts of things. Ergo, small closets. This leads to a biyearly tradition called “the seasonal closet rearrange”, which is a pain in the behind of monumental proportions. Basically, at the end of summer (and again at the end of winter), when the weather starts getting nippy everyone starts going through their closets, folding away they’re spring and summer clothes, and taking out their fall and winter stuff. There is one advantage to this ritual, at least as far as I’m concerned, twice a year I get to go through my stuff and through sheer frustration at folding and packing away I manage to get rid of some of it, this is how it goes: “oh geez, another black t-shirt, do I really need another black t-shirt, I’ve already packed away four… aw, man… not another tank top… now where’s the box with the tank tops… I actually never wear this…” and off to the church pile they go. Anyway, I’ve done my closet, the boy’s and today the girl’s… all I’m missing is the husband’s and then I’m done for a whole six months, sigh. (for time saving tips related to children’s clothes read this)
So this is where my morning went, and then I managed to spend most of the afternoon baking a cake. How does that even happen? Anyway, the cake was yummy, so worth it.
The kids played, their Nonna came over, so did their friends D & L, we ate cake, finished decorating the house for Halloween and then promptly removed half the decorations cause the boy thought they were too scary (incidentally, they’re not at all scary, he even  made me put away a singing and dancing pumpkin man. Unless he meant they were so ugly they were scary, not frightening scary, hmmm…). Well, there you have it, just one of those days. Though it did give me material for two posts other than this one so I can’t complain.


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