Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Virtual Coffee {28}

Hello dear friends, welcome to coffee. 

I’m all abuzz today as I just realized I have four rather large events I need to get ready for before Christmas, so if we were really having coffee I’d probably be fretting about that.

I’m trying to plan the husband’s 40th birthday party for December 10th and realized I haven’t got an awful lot of time… right now my main concern is coming up with a great theme, I have an idea… which I can’t share in the (very remote) case he reads it here and I’m trying to keep at least that part a surprise… but I don’t know if I can pull it off as I don’t have enough time (damn me and my procrastinating ways!). Then I have to invite people, figure out where we’re doing it and if I should get it catered or have it directly in a restaurant. Thankfully I ordered his gift last year, though since it’s kind of hard to find, I just found out it may not be here in time for the party but will at least definitely be here in time for his actual birthday a week later. One day I will become an organized person, dammit!

I also had the bright idea to try and organize a big thanksgiving feast with all the American expats here in Cuneo (if you read this and I haven’t contacted you yet, call me, cause chances are I’m too disorganized to get to you in time). I love big gatherings and I love Thanksgiving, I’m just totally scattered this year and time is getting away from me. But I’ll manage, I just have to remember to order enough turkeys!

And the Girl… the poor Girl who always comes last because despite her best efforts to be noticed I always seem to drop the ball when it comes to her, is turning two next week and I have organized nothing, zip, nada, nisba, niet. It certainly doesn’t help that her birthday is the day before Thanksgiving this year. So, the thanksgiving shin-ding may just have to double as her birthday party too!

We have a wedding to go to the weekend of the husband’s birthday and we still need to buy a gift, figure out what we’re wearing, where we’re staying and what we’re doing with our children (bringing them, leaving them at home…).

And let’s not forget a little thing called Christmas coming up, which we’ll be celebrating early with all the husband’s family since we’re spending Christmas in Houston (YAY!!). Incidentally, I still haven’t got my tickets for Houston, so I should probably get on that or I won’t be able to go and wouldn’t that just make me feel like a complete idiot since I’ve been talking about this trip for two months now.

I thought writing this stuff out would somehow make it seem more manageable but it’s actually just freaking me out more, so please, tell me how you’re doing, are you gearing up for all the holidays? Do you have any special events coming up? How do you cope with pressure? Cause I used to thrive with the more things I had to do and now I just get flustered for no reason at all! Luckily I have these two little people that remind me to just relax and enjoy autumn sometimes:

This is how they like to spend their Sunday morning

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  1. Definitely enjoy your autumn before the winter comes!  Your little ones are adorable!

  2. well, luckily at just two years old she won't be expecting much so i think you are okay there : ) i am an expert procrastinator as well so i feel for ya, i always promise myself i will never do it again...lies, lies and more lies. i am really looking forward to seeing all of my family next week and hanging out with a couple of my best girlfriends that will be in town!

  3. Wow that definitely does sound like a plateful! I too am a chronic procrastinator, so I totally understand. BUT things do always have a way of getting sorted out, so I'm sure it will all be lovely! Have a wonderful time with all the celebrations coming up!

  4. That is such a sweet photo of your kids!  I can see how you would be easily overwhelmed by all the upcoming events-- you do have a lot on your plate, but they all do sound like fun and exciting things.  Just keep remembering to breathe, take one thing at a time (doubling up the b-day and Thanksgiving celebration sounds like a good idea) and enjoy!!  Good luck with it all! 

  5. Thanks, I'm just so disorganized lately not just physically disorganized but my mind's all jumbled too, I think that's why it probably seems harder than it is.

  6. They do always end up getting sorted out, it's just the perfectionist in me (the one that's always fighting with the procrastinator in me) wants everything to be just so. That's not going to happen this month!

  7. She won't, that's true, but I can just imagine the conversations when she's older... why did the boy get a party when he turned 2? why don't I have a printed invitation? Well, at least she'll have an awesome cake. Note to self: Bake awesome cake. ;-)

  8. Thanks, will try to "enjoy" more and "fret" less!

  9. I think I would just tell Girl that Thanksgiving is in honour of her. That will go a long way and last for years until she learns the truth. :-)