Monday, December 5, 2011

All I want for Christmas is--- Monday Listicles

So I’m back from taking the week off from blogging. Although, I didn’t really take the week off from blogging as I went around and read (and tried to comment on) all my usual blogs. I guess I just took the week off from writing. I don’t know how I benefited from it apart from going to sleep a little earlier every night. Anyway, I’m easing back into the swing of things by joining in with Stasha, a.k.a. Northwestmommy for Monday Listicles. Today’s prompt is the ten things I hope for this Christmas, which should be easy enough as all I’m doing lately is revising everybody’s Christmas wish lists and writing Santa letters.

What I hope for this Christmas:

1. Sleep. The girl appears to be sleeping better, this past week she hasn’t woken up every night so I’m hoping this keeps up, improves even, and most importantly doesn’t all go to hell from the jet-lag when we go to Houston this year.

2. A bra that fits. The single most terrible thing about living in Italy is that they don’t measure bras in cups and inches (or centimeters), and it’s pretty hard to find a cup size larger than a C. So I usually end up having to buy a cup size that is too small or, in the rare event that the cup size is fine the band is too big. Since I haven’t been back to the US in three years and have been pregnant twice since, you can imagine what state my bras are in. My first stop as soon as I land is a lingerie store. (And target, no one’s keeping me away from target).

3. A book. And not just any book. I want to find a really good book, and I want to read it all the way through in one sitting. And it has to be an actual paper, real book. For once, I’d like to just take a few hours and read a book uninterrupted instead of maniacally thumbing through my kindle in line or in a waiting room, cause it seems I only ever read on electronic devices nowadays at the post office, at the grocery store, in the doctor’s waiting room…

4. Someone to organize all my movies, shows and music. My one and only New Year’s resolution last year was to declutter my life. I’ve managed to do some of it, still working on a lot, but what I haven’t gotten around to, and frankly have no desire to get around to it is organizing my movies, shows and music. And since chucking it all in the trash is not the answer, I need someone to just come over and do it for me. Ok? Thanks.

5. Find a school I’m happy with. I knew this was going to be an issue sooner or later, but honestly I expected it to be a little later. I don’t like the Boy’s preschool. I’ll get into the whys and hows another time. I’ve talked to them again, but if I don’t see some serious improvement I’m going to have to look for a different school and I’m not all that hopeful cause I’m afraid that what I take issue with may just be a cultural thing and not something I can fix. But I want him to enjoy school, I want him to be happy. He’s going to be in school for a long, long time starting now, and it has to be a positive experience.

6. A house. We’ve been renting for a really long time. In fact we’ve been renting forever since I’ve never owned a house. We’ve been looking at houses for the past twelve years (I’m not kidding), we saw hundreds of apartments in Milan and we’ve seen many, many houses since we moved out here in the middle of nowhere. So it’s time. I want to find a house that doesn’t make me vomit and that I can afford. How friggin’ hard is that??

7. Shoes. As I’ve mentioned I own quite a few shoes, but as I get older I’m less willing to settle for second best. So this year for Christmas I want a pair (or two) of really comfortable high heels, that make my legs and ass look great, but (and here’s the clincher) that don’t hurt my feet if I stand for longer that 13 seconds.

8. Abs. Without breaking a sweat. Enough said.

And now the last two, serious ones:

9. Happiness. This one’s two-fold. I want my children to be happy. I want to know they’re happy. I don’t want to spend many a waking (and some a sleeping) hour worrying about their happiness. And I want to find a way to make the people around me a little happier. I’m not being all altruistic either, I’m want this for me, because if the people around me are happier than I’m happier and more relaxed.

10. Health. Lately it seems all I ever read about is the great vaccine debate (which, incidentally, I now feel compelled to write about, so be warned you’ll find a ranting post in the near future), but I gotta tell you, I don’t give a crap if my kids (or I for that matter) get the flu or the chicken pox or whatever else that’s not life threatening but just a massive pain in the ass. I do, however, want the husband to be healthy. And I don’t want him to be healthy for now, or not get sick in Houston or anything short term. I want him to be HEALTHY. I want leukemia to be a forgotten word, somewhere in the distant past. I want him to be healthy for a really, really long time. In fact, I want him to die of old age when we are so decrepit that death seems like a new and exciting adventure. I want him to see his great grandkids. So Santa, or whoever, forget the rest of the list and just give us HEALTH. I can take care of the rest myself. Thanks.

So tell me, what’s on your Christmas wish list?


  1. Such a great list.  What I wouldn't do for more sleep!  We bought our apartment here, but oh how I wish we would have waited.  Maybe not 12 years, but at least until we found something I actually loved.

  2. Abs? What are those?
    Good luck with the house search, and I do agree. There truly is no competition. A hardback book, pages between ones fingers, engrossed for hours!

  3. I love your list...and I especially hope you get the last two. And a bra that fits. I live in the good ole' USA and I still have trouble with that one!

  4. Amazing how many women want a well-fitting bra and can't find one. If only I could find the secret... I could make millions, millions I tell you!

  5. I know, my thoughts exactly whenever I stare forlornly at my stomach... 
    The smell of a real book, unbeatable!

  6. Buying property is so hard! 
    Wouldn't be counting on too much sleep in your near future... ahem... just saying...

  7. You don't know me yet but a few of your homies do and if there's one thing I know.... shoes. It does not matter how comfortable my most favoritist pair of Italian leather heels are... My knock-off Target $35 special will be just as good with a pair of Dr Schools Gel Ball of Foot Cushions. I don't leave home without and should probably buy stock as I do buy in bulk. And the second part is the heel grip because when you need to by a good heel you plan on wearing for more than a few hours a 1/2 size too big. You feet are going to swell.... It is a fact of life. So the heel grip keeps you from slipping in the morning and blistering in the evening.....

    I love your list and look forward to back tracking :)

  8. get fitted lovee... they don't charge you at a nice lingeree store to measure you for a proper bra then you take those measurements and use them to bargain hunt :)

  9. I truly wish for you those last two! Of course, I hope you get the others, too. Especially sleep. And a bra!!

  10. You are a born list maker :) I hope you get a few of those wishes for yourself. but most importantly I truly wish for you to have the last wish come true. 2012 will be good to you all, I just know it!

  11. wishing you much health and happiness.....and of course, a really fab pair of shoes, for 2012!

  12. I'd definitely like some abs without effort! The baby belly will never go away. Great list!

  13. I'm adding health for your husband to my list too. I hope it works.

    And a bra for you, seriously what's with only C-cups in Italy? I would think all that pasta and wine would lead to giant hooters!!

  14. RE. the Italian bra thing - wow, would that be a hard one. I'd probably have to fly back to the States to find one that fits me. It reminds me of being in France and having to buy a bikini - all the cup sizes were teensy - they sold me a teeny one, I was spilling out of it but I was on my honeymoon and well, it was France wasn't it!? Great list!

  15. Ah sleep! And a bra! the important things in life! Great list and I hope you get a few things off of it!