Thursday, October 7, 2010


The other day I took the Boy shopping. Up till now taking the Boy shopping simply meant that I had him conveniently there for sizing purposes, that’s all, so as always not giving it a second thought,  I took him with me so I wouldn’t have to go back and forth from home to store to exchange the wrong sizes. Funnily, he adamantly refused to try on the shoes I wanted to buy him, the cutest pair of converse all stars. So my friend the shop owner kindly suggested I take two pairs home, in different colors and sizes, so he could try them on in a familiar environment and decide which color he liked best. And I thought, why, she’s right he’s probably just being a little shy, it’ll be much easier at home where he’s comfortable. I am so naïve.
So, we get home and he still refuses to try on the shoes. Hmmmm, I think, he’s being pretty contrary today, I’ll try again tomorrow. And every day for a week I take out the damn shoes and begin a battle of “let’s try them on baby, please, for mama” met continuously with cries of “nooooooooo, woooooooon’t”. Hmmmm, I think, this is really weird, the Boy is never this way, could he be feeling ill??
Now I realize that most of you, with kids, are laughing at this point and snickering about how completely delusional I am, but bear in mind this is my first kid. So, the other night at bath time the Boy and I are chatting and he comes out with a long, rather complicated explanation as to how he wants “sneakers, like L’s, with the lights”. Eureka, I think, now I know what he wants. Holy crap, I realize, he wants those really ugly sneakers that light up when he walks.
Today we went and bought them. They’re red, and shiny, and they light up on top and on the heel when he walks, and I swear, they’re the ugliest shoes I have ever bought in my life but the Boy stared at them all the way from the store to the car, stomping his feet so they would “sparkle” and in the car, when I asked him if he was happy with his new shoes he said: “yeeeeessss, mama, pretty!”
More proof, if any was needed, that my baby is all growed up, and he ain’t wearing no damn converse!


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