Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handy Tips # 1

Let me tell you what I’ve been doing for two days, sorting socks, teeny socks, not so teeny socks, toddler socks, socks, socks, socks. Get it? I’m so sick of going through socks, matching them up and trying to figure out who’s wearing what, when and where that I’m tempted to just throw out the whole lot and make the kids go around sockless. Unfortunately, it’ll start snowing soon, and that’ll be considered child endangerment or something so I really can’t. So, I came up with a solution, it’s not the most practical solution in the world, but it’ll keep you from finding yourself where I am right now, going crazy with socks. I went and got me some iron-on clothing tape and a clothing marker and I’m going to iron-on little tags with the damn sizes of the socks on them. Why on earth would I want to do this, you ask? Because, when you have one child and he outgrows the socks, who cares, you just put them away with the rest of the outgrown clothes you’re saving for the next kid and go on with your life. Fast forward a few years and you have your second kid, out come the old socks, and all the socks your first born is using right now and when they’re folded you realize YOU CAN’T TELL THEM APART. So you occasionally find your toddler with teeny socks on his huge feet or your baby with socks that come up mid thigh. Or, you know, this is what happens to me. So what I suggest is write down the sizes on your baby’s socks right away, ideally before the baby is born and keep doing it as you go along because when number two comes along and half your socks have shrunk and faded you don’t want to find yourself looking at four pairs of slightly different dark blue socks and wondering who the hell they belong to.


  1. This is a very helpful tip and will use it for all the socks I do not buy at Gap. The good thing about Gab is that they put the size of the sock right at the bottom and make it part of the little pads that help kids not fall, or maybe I will just buy gap socks and save me the trouble. You are completely right about the two kid thing though, I am already going through it and Victoria hasn't even turned one yet.

  2. Been there, it is a struggle I pretty much face daily...but soooooo lazy I know I will never probably get my act together to follow your good advice. Also, that damn tape comes off after a few washes (or maybe I just ironed it on badly?). My only luck probably is that boy's feet are so big that he will soon be wearing the same size (for a little, wonderful while) and I won't have to worry.

  3. I actually had to read this post again since now I am having the same problem. Why can't everyone do what Gap does? they write down the sock size at the bottom of the sock and these becomes the rubbery stuff that prevents them from slipping.