Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day to day, part 2

Today life went back to the normal routine, The Boy went back to daycare (which we stopped two weeks ago so he wouldn’t get sick before The Husband came home) and I resumed my regular visits at the hospital. The Boy was very excited to go back “to school” and see his friends, but he was just as excited to come home apparently since he met me at the door in just his socks having chucked his slippers as soon as he heard the door and with his shoes in his hands (I pick him up right after lunch before naptime so it’s pretty predictable). I finally found a book for two year olds about the hospital, so tonight we read all about where Daddy is and what doctors and nurses do. (Hopefully this will help him deal with The Husband’s absence better). Also, last night The Girl took her bath with The Boy in the big tub for the first time, not that it was planned, I just realized after dinner that she hadn’t had a bath and I wasn’t going to be able to get one in until after The Boy fell asleep (since I now have to lie with him till he does, I’ll get into the whole nightmarish sleep situation soon) and who the heck wants to give a baby a bath at 10pm, so I figured two birds with one stone! That’s it for today, short but (hopefully) sweet. Oh, and today I feel lucky because now that The Husband is back in the hospital I get to spent two hours every day alone with him just chatting about random stuff, a rare occurrence when you are married with two small kids!


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