Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day to day part 3

I haven’t managed to write in a few days, so I’ve got some catching up to do! Since round 1 didn’t get the job done this round of chemo was a lot stronger and has been a lot harder on The Husband.  This time around the cycle is 3 days of chemo, which he finished on Thursday, a 4 day break and then 3 more days of chemo next week. Poor Husband started feeling bad pretty much right away this time, nausea and his face became reddish (which actually made him look less sick, and more like he spent a day on the slopes!) he also had a lot of pain in his bones, he described it as having really bad flu symptoms. Thankfully today he’s better so we are all relieved! Though, honestly I am not looking forward to next week cause he’s probably going to feel even worst (I realize that possibly The Husband is looking even less forward to next week as he’s the one actually feeling sick, while I just feel bad for him…). On the home front, we’re busy planning The Boy’s 2nd birthday party, which will probably be train themed as he’s really into Thomas the tank lately. Thursday The Husband’s aunt and uncle came to visit and The Boy had a great time showing them all of his toys. Yesterday was a very special day for me cause it was my Vovo’s 100th birthday (my grandma). I’m really sad not to have been at her birthday celebration this year, my mom organized a big ole shin ding, with all our Brazilian family and friends. I’ll post some pics as soon as I get them. Of course we couldn’t tell her the real reason we weren’t going to make it, it would have made her too sad, but we did promise we would be there to celebrate her birthday next year so there’s a trip to Sao Paolo in our nearish future! I can’t wait to show Sao Paolo to The Husband who didn’t make it over with me and The Boy last year and of course to introduce The Girl to my grandma.
Today The Boy’s Nonni (grandparents) came back, so his afternoon entertainment is right back on schedule!  And, last piece of news, The Girl started laughing, which is really cute and entertaining for us.
That’s all for now, and today’s reason why we’re so lucky is that R (a really nice gentleman who we consider a friend and who is also our gardener during the summer) came over today, out of the goodness of his heart, to shovel the foot of snow that came down yesterday from our drive and my car. God bless him!


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