Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow and stuff

So, things are definitely looking up today…  sun is shining, The Boy has moved on from constant vomiting to diarrhea (which basically means that I only have to change his clothes every hour or so rather than both his AND mine, a definite improvement!), R came over unexpectedly this morning and shoveled all the snow from our drive and from the cars and I’m still not sick (though will now start worrying that I have jinxed it…). The only sour note is that the poor Girl is sick now too, though I must say this for babies vs toddlers, it is soooo much easier to give her medicine than the Boy and (I realize this may fall in the TMI category) she’s so used to spitting up that when she vomits its really no big deal she just goes right back to being smiley. I’m also really happy cause I managed to find and order a train shaped cake pan (not an easy feat here in Italy) as well as train invites so The Boy’s birthday party is well on the way to being organized. It remains to be seen whether I will manage to decorate the train shaped cake and get it to his daycare (where we’re having the party) all in one piece and most importantly whether I will manage to get the birthday boy to the party venue on time and in a good mood, but for now I’m cautiously optimistic... We’re looking forward to Nana’s (my Mom) arrival next week, and I’ve already got an email ready in my drafts folder with all the things I need from Houston! Poor Nana, between her daughter, two grandkids, and a son in law who loves American stuff, she has to bring a suitcase just for us!
On the hospital front, The Husband is still doing well, he actually had a 3 hour video conference with his sales team today so he’s definitely doing better than expected! In fact, this video conference thing may well become a permanent way to interact with the sales guys  cause apparently he finds it a lot easier to get them to shut up and listen!
Ok, well, The Girl’s waking up so my free time is over. Today’s reason why we’re so lucky…. Our good friend R, coming over to shovel our snow of course!!


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