Sunday, February 7, 2010

Damn Cold

I’m sick, crap! I’ve got a stupid cold. I HATE colds, the headache, runny nose, itchy throat… I hate them. I realize it looks like I’m overreacting but seriously, having a cold means I can’t visit The Husband (dammit!) and that’s literally the best part of my day, plus for the next couple of days I’m going to be worrying that I was contagious yesterday and that I may have taken my germs over to his sterile room. Also, The Boy looks like he may have caught it too so that sucks doubly because he’s going to be feeling like crap, not sleeping and guess who is going to be up with him, feeling like crap too…. The silver lining (and I hope I’m not jinxing it) is that since The Girl is breastfed she may not get it. Thankfully The Husband is doing a little better, he seems to have enjoyed the soup I brought him for lunch and the lasagna for dinner  so at least that’s some good news. Oh, and miraculously, right now The Boy is being put to bed by The Nanny (I’m trying to limit the spreading of germs) and The Girl is sleeping (shock, disbelief, joy!) so I’m happily typing away with both hands (and that is a rare occurrence lately). I will now push my luck to the limit and turn on a tivoed episode of Desperate Housewives, which will probably result in her waking up screaming for food and The Boy refusing to fall asleep with anyone but me, but hey, I’m an optimist! So that’s all for tonight folks!


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