Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vairy, vairy Hairy

I’ve got a hairy leg dilemma. You see, my legs are very, very hairy right now. To the point that I have to wear pants, tights just don’t cut it as I now have the hairiness poking through and it looks like I’m wearing weird angora tights. In fact, I hadn’t really noticed the state of my legs, as the husband and I are on hiatus due to health issues right now, and all the extra hair actually just helped keep me warm what with the first snow falling and all. In truth, the only reason I even noticed was because I wore a dress on Thanksgiving with black tights and halfway through dinner looked down and thought, what’s with all the fuzz on my tights? Aaack, how did my legs get so hairy??!!
So what’s the dilemma, you may ask. Well, you see, I hate shaving, it’s time consuming (once I start I have to do it every day, cause the only thing I hate more than vairy hairy legs is spiky legs), I live in Italy, hence my shower is tiny, hence when I bend down to shave my legs I get the whole rear on cold tile effect, which frankly is bothersome as I’m already bothered cause of the having to shave thing. I usually wax, but this entails me making (and keeping) an appointment, leaving the kiddos and driving twenty minutes to the appointment… etc, basically wasting 3 hours when the whole thing takes at most thirty minutes. Also, if you’ve never waxed before you may not know this, but the longer the hair, the more painful the procedure. Right now, I would probably need an epidural to get through it. So, what do I do? No, really, what do I do?  It’s just, well, honestly it’s getting embarrassing, I went to pilates on Friday and spent half the session readjusting my pant leg so you couldn’t see my hairy ankles. The indecision… it’s driving me nuts. Plus, the longer I wait the harder it is to just get it done. And then I start thinking, maybe I’ll forget about my legs, simply basking in the added warmth of my natural leg warmers, and then the husband and I will decide it’s time to end the hiatus, and after all the issues with his health, literally surviving cancer, I’m going to end up killing him with a heart attack from utter horror.  


  1. Ha! I can relate to this indeed!

    Thing is, though my shower is likely a teensy bit bigger than yours and I have one tot and not two, sp perhaps a tad more "me" time, I tend to get a dip of depression as soon as that hair starts growing back -- read, a day and a half or so after I shave it.
    There's no way in hell I'll commit to lengthy and pricey waxing appts, so I've just resigned myself to the fact that I have to give the legs a quickie razor once-over every two days or so.
    My advice would be just to shave them and be done with it -- you'll hate yourself so much less in the morning.
    Baci, Alcira


  2. Oh and btw, if it's any consolation, I spent most of my supposedly relaxing morning yoga class trying to hide the chipped, almost black, crack-whore nail polish on my toes.
    They looked like something the cat dragged in -- thank goodness the room was dim ;)

  3. Don't even get me started on the nail polish... that's a subject for a whole 'nother post!

  4. You could get that wax you heat in the microwave (less painful than the cold strips) and self-wax at home. The good thing about doing it at home too, besides not needing a babysitter or an appointment, is that you can have a few cocktails beforehand to help motivate you...

  5. se ho capito bene....sei troppo forte!!!
    anche io ho aspettato tanto la scorsa settimana e così Daniela mi ha fatto vedere gli angeli/diavoletti in paradiso/inferno...

  6. I have the small Italian shower, I have the hairy legs...and I shave just because it is quick. Going to the hairdresser 3 or 4 times a year already gives me anxiety. Good I don't have time for yoga or pilates, otherwise it would just add another problem (hiding the hair) hehe

  7. ...e passare al Silekepil? Io lo uso: veloce come un rasoio, con il vantaggio che i peli si assottigliano come con la ceretta. E i nuovi modelli sono eccezionali, accessoriati anche con una specie di tasca ripiena di un liquido che puoi congelare e tenere sulla pelle prima di passare con l'attrezzo....comunque, io non ne ho avuto bisogno perche' a me provoca meno dolore che la ceretta. Baci Cla

  8. @Maya, I tried the cold wax once... was not a happy experience... and let's just leave it at that!
    @Manu, prima o poi ce la faro ad andare da Daniela ormai non posso piu evitarlo!
    @Nuts I can't even commit to the hairdresser that often. I go once a year for a trim!
    @Cla, I have the silkepil, I love it for the "delicate" areas, but legs take forever... and I'm not even all that tall!

    In truth wouldn't it be great if we could just get rid of all that unwanted hair permanently, painlessly and economically?!