Sunday, November 7, 2010

Facebook, you're killing me!

I have spent the past two days figuring out how to make a blog button (you can see the results on the left hand bar, if you feel the effort is worthy spread the love by posting it on your blog and I’ll be happy to do the same for you!!), how to open a new account on facebook for my “blogging persona” and how to put up a fb fan page for this site. Phew.
Why did I thus occupy my time? Well, because I’m following the suggestions of veteran bloggers with far more experience than I. This blog is still a baby and I have yet to figure out where it’ll take me, but I do know that I get a little thrill when I see a new comment to a post, and I’m beyond excited when I get a new follower (thanks, guys!) so I’m going to follow the advice of experienced bloggers on how to get out there. Of course, content is the key, as well as decent writing but I can’t judge those myself. I write how I write and I blog about what interests me, whether that is pleasing and interesting to others, only time will tell. But I digress, back to facebook. I was on the fence about how much interaction I wanted between my real life fb friends and acquaintances and my blog. Sure, I want everyone to read my blog and love it, but I don’t want to fill my friends’ walls with links to all my posts if that is going to annoy them, plus, I try to keep my blog moderately anonymous. This may seem a bit like overkill right now, when my audience is basically me, my husband and a few friends (thanks y’all!) but maybe one day strangers will read me too and being from a pre-internet generation I’m still a little wary (ok, paranoid) and I’m a bit shy about putting myself (and my family) out there. So, I opened another account and created a Moomser fan page (click on the fb “like” button top left column to link there!), anyway, enough with the motivations. Ok, opening another fb account is not as easy as one would think considering it’s a social network and not the map to uncovering the holy grail. First off, you have to input your name, and it’s got to be an actual name – it rejected Moomser blog – but it doesn’t have to be your real name… how would they even check that? So the first thing I did was open an account with a made up name. And this was mistake number one cause you have to associate an email to that account (I used my blogging email Moomser at gmail dot com) and apparently my email is now eternally bound to that name, it is a bond stronger than marriage, it cannot be dissolved. Crap. Cause then I read a suggestion from Scary Mommy (who’s post Building a Facebook Fan Page is what started me on this road to hell) suggesting you use your first name and then your blog name as a last name to open a fb account. So that’s what I did next (I just didn’t like the whole fake name idea), you can befriend me on fb as Yara Moomser. Buuuuut, my email is linked to Mrs Fake Name now. F***, S**t, C**p and many, many expletives later I decided to open another email account so I could open the danged fb page. It had become an obsession at this point. And then I opened a fan page for Moomser (blog, not me, this blog here).
Anyway, I’m up to my elbows trying to figure out html codes, javascript and wondering why I didn’t just start writing a good old fashioned journal, seriously, what is with this insane need to connect to other people that is blogging??? Too late for me now. I’ve already gone down the road of “read me, need me, love me”, but I’m comforted by the fact that everyone says (and when I say “says” I actually mean “writes”, cause I haven’t ever talked to any of these people whose lives are now important to me) that the initial blogging craziness, where you’re checking your stats every three point five seconds will eventually pass. Thank goodness!
For now, I’m just working on getting everything up and running and trying to keep it interesting for everyone. Oh, and if anyone can explain to a bit of a moron how the *%$@ Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol works, please, please, speak up, you would be making me so happy and a bit of positive vibes your way can only be good right?


  1. Wow! Sounds like a lot of work, but I am soooo exited for you. I have very few people reading my blog at this point, but I am also paranoid about who is reading my blog. I am not sure that I want to make it public at all. I love reading your blog.

  2. I know the paranoia...and the fact of feeling shy. That is why many friends are still surprised when they find out I have a blog, and I don't usually volunteer the information. I however like boosting a friends' blog, and have been linking some of my blogging friends to your posts. Hope you don't mind and that you will see some results. The FB process seems daunting.