Wednesday, July 21, 2010

System failure

My body is starting to fail me. Jokingly, when The Husband got sick, I said “prepare yourself because the minute you start getting better I’m going to fall apart”, apparently I was predicting my own misfortunate future, or, more likely since I’m not a big believer in future predictions, I brought this on myself. Last week I felt like I was on my deathbed with 104 temperature (40.8°C) and the mother of all sore throats, but last night as I was lying on the bathroom floor, in a cold sweat with intestinal cramps, which, I kid you not, felt like labor pains (for a delirious minute I even thought, my god, am I miscarrying a baby, and then I thought, not possible, as it would have been an immaculate conception and I don’t believe in those either) I realized I had died and gone to hell.
Yes, my body is abandoning me, I have no idea why, but I have never been this sick, this often, with such a variety of random illnesses as now. Of course, the other theory is that since I’ve been wanting/needing to lose weight for some time, but don’t have the discipline to get on and stay on a freaking diet I’ve subconsciously decided to make myself lose weight by being sick and not being able to eat… Genius!
Anyway, today The Husband has announced I must spend the day “resting”, tomorrow I’m going to go to the doctor and get some tests because as the Neapolitans say: nun se pò campà cussi – one cannot live this way. (this’ll be funny only to Italian speakers, sorry to all the Anglos!)
On a much more positive note, The Husband’s white blood cell count is up to 4,000, which though half what it should be, is still three times as much as it was last week so we are all very happy! It doesn’t change much on a practical level as his immune system is still suppressed, but it means that his BM has started working again and that is definitely a step in the right direction!
At this point I think I’ll sign off on the positive note, otherwise I may start complaining about how crap (albeit thin) I’m feeling and that would just get boring!


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