Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pay per View

Sunday night, it’s 10.30pm and we just bought a movie on pay per view. For the very first time in months, months… The last two movies I watched were Sex and the City on DVD with two girlfriends at my house, we had to watch it with the subtitles on because The Girl kept crying, babbling and generally being a baby by raining on our parade, the other one was New Moon, at home when a dear friend from Milan came to visit, with repeated interruptions from one or the other kid who kept waking up. Both times The Husband was in the hospital. We are now fixin’ to watch Up in the Air, hopefully all the way through and with no interruptions. Amazing.
The weekend went really well, The Husband is feeling better and so all of us are too. Saturday The Bears came to visit as well as Cousin R, the Nonni and R's dad. We had a wonderful time. We barbecued (hamburgers), the kiddos played in the kiddy pool, the adults tried to have coherent conversations, there was a moderate amount of yelling, some crying, laughter, few tantrums and no meltdowns, so we’re very satisfied. It was great seeing Bear Girl and The Boy actually playing together, talking, really interacting for the first time, they’re getting so big… sniff…
The kids got some great gifts and we got a box of macaroons from Ladurée Paris that are killing me they’re so good. From now on no one is welcome to come visit from Milan without a box of mixed macaroons (just skip the berry ones and the liquorice!)
Today we had to pass on a bbq at friend's unfortunately cause The Husband energy reserves were used up yesterday, so he slept then we played cards with his parents, whom I proceeded to beat at four games out of four… phew!
Ok, enough chit chat, must concentrate on movie, the kids are sleeping, but for how long?!?!


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