Monday, July 26, 2010

Gifts and houses

We had a pretty full, though bizarrely uneventful weekend. Saturday we spent the better part of the morning in a real-estate agent’s office looking at monotonous pictures of farmhouses, thankfully The Boy’s Nonna arrived to take him for a walk right before he fell into a catatonic state from sheer boredom. Then, since The Boy fell asleep in the car on the way home we decided to let him nap there for a while and went looking for the only house we kind of liked, just to see the neighborhood before our appointment to actually see it on Wednesday. Of course, we didn’t find said house though we drove around for close to an hour… well, at least The Boy got to sleep.
Sunday we spent a very nice day at the Terme. The kids enjoyed all the attention from all the nice ladies that work there who hadn’t seen them in a while and we enjoyed a nice, healthy lunch. We’ll be posting pictures soon. Late afternoon uncle F  came to visit, as he usually does when he comes back from America. And, just as he usually does, he brought the kids gifts (and actually the adults this time too, thanks Uncle F!). Of course, as he usually does he brings them the kinds of gifts that every mother wishes were taken off the market indefinitely…  Let me set the scene: Back from the Terme at 5ish, I was tired so I go upstairs to take a nap. I was pretty relaxed as I left The Girl with The Nanny(ergo, in good hands) and The Boy with his Nonna, his Dad, his adult Uncle and his 13 year old cousin (possibly the most mature person in the group… definitely more mature than the 3 males). At one point I hear screaming and laughing, I ignore it and go to sleep. When I get up, I go downstairs to make dinner and find The Boy completely soaked, laughing maniacally with a huge water gun in his hand. Seriously, a two year old with a water gun. Of course, everyone else was soaked too, except for, bizarrely, Nonno , who was in the middle of it all, yet completely dry.
So, as I was saying I LOVE Uncle F's gifts… but I’m pretty boring, everyone else had a hell of a time!
The previous gift was a gun that shoots nerf balls… anyone see a pattern here? Anyway, I guess all little boys need an Uncle that buys them stuff that Mom won’t.
Going back to the previous subject, today The Husband and I went back a-searching for the house. We didn’t find it. I didn’t really care cause, honestly, I don’t think it’s the right house for us, but The Husband went back with The Boy this afternoon, and found it (thank goodness, cause I really didn’t want to go looking for it tomorrow too!). Anyway, we’ll see it Wednesday inside and out, so I’ll let y’all know.


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