Friday, July 23, 2010

Babies make me happy

The Girl has learned to wave. So now she waves… all the time… She waves using her whole arm when she’s really excited, and she waves using just her hand in a back and forth motion, when she’s mellow, or when she’s nursing, or when she’s distracted by something but someone walks in, or out. She waves at you when you walk in the room, and on the way out, and again when you walk back in and again on your way out… get the picture?!?! Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable, and we make a huge fuss, but we can’t be carrying anything that uses up both hands, cause one hand needs to be free to wave back.  
Though I don't want to sound cavalier about this stuff,  babies  make me happy, they learn the most amazing things on a daily basis, and every day they surprise you.
The Boy melted my heart tonight... since he was a wee baby when I leave him for the night I always say “night, night baby, Mama loves you” and tonight he answered “wuv you” .
On another note, I’m drowning in string beans and chard (green leafy vegetable) so I’ve been looking for ways to cook them, and cook them, and cook them… so if anyone has interesting suggestions please send my way. This is what happens when you have a vegetable garden, everything grows in at the same time and you either have an industrial size freezer or you eat the same thing every day until it’s out of season. So now it’s string beans and chard and pretty soon the chicory is going to come in… I swear sometimes I feel like a rabbit, all our salad came in at the same time, so it was lettuce for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it seems that the green leafy vegetables never end! Though, truth be told, I can’t wait for the tomatoes to come in cause last year we made killer tomato sauce, which we ate for months.
So any recipes for string beans, chard and chicory are welcome!


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