Monday, July 19, 2010

Appreciating the small things in life

So our water heater died on Saturday, it was fixed today thank goodness but after taking 4 freezing cold showers in the past two days (it’s that hot here! And no, I haven’t washed my hair, I’m not that strong!) I’ve learned the importance of the simple things… really… The morning shower sets the mood for the whole day, can you imagine my day when I start it with “OMG, OMG, OMG it’s so cold!” – as I get under the jet just enough to get mildly wet and then I slam it off, as I’m gasping for air, then soap, and I think “how little can I use, cause I’m going to have to rinse this off…” and then the freezing water comes back on for the rinsing portion of this medieval torture session and I can’t bring myself to get under the water completely (which would make the whole damn process go faster) so it’s right arm, OMG, left arm, right leg, left leg then gasp, gasp upper body, front, back, I can’t breathe, my lips are turning blue, and dammit why won’t the soap rinse off! And then I have to face it again at night, before bed, when I’m tired and would just like to relax… So, really, hot water is SOOOOOO IMPORTANT!
In case you’re wondering, the kids get baths with panfulls of boiling water so they suffered not one bit, we were the ones lugging boiling water pans up the stairs….
Today I went to talk to a therapist, I started a few weeks ago, when I realized that I was freaking out all over the place for no reason whatsoever, so we figured that before hitting the hard drugs I should at least attempt talking to someone. It’s been interesting, and I really think it’s helpful, though I thought I’d be talking mostly about The Husband’s illness and how it impacted our family, and instead we discuss totally random things. Plus, I get homework… who knew… I thought I was done with that when I finally presented my thesis! Anyway, today’s homework is to think about how I think that a very important person in my life sees me… and I’ve realized it’s really, really difficult to try and get in another person’s head and imagine how that person sees us… confusing, eh??!!
Ok, lastly, two cute kiddo moments: The Girl spent all of yesterday making this sound “etta!” and we’re all wondering what she was trying to say, today she’s spent ALL DAY blowing raspberries…
The Boy, who decided to test my patience today by saying MAMA! Approximately 1,800times at the supermarket, came home and decided he did not want to eat what was available (rice and beans, and/or roast chicken, both things he likes) so after arguing and coaxing for a few minutes I move him to the kitchen to eat (in his high chair, no longer at the table with us) and after a few minutes I ask: “Boy, are you eating?”, from the kitchen: “yes”, me: “you want to come back in here to eat with us?”, from the kitchen: “NO!” – so he put me in my place….


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