Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Virtual Coffee {36}

Hello dear friends and welcome to coffee! We’re having a really quick coffee today, more like a one sip espresso standing at the bar counter Italian style. Well, maybe we can sneak in a mini-croissant while we’re at it too…

We’ve been busy, busy, busy lately. We’ve finally spent the weekend at the beach apartment and this afternoon we’re taking yet another trip to Ikea to get some of the last odds and ends we kept forgetting. Our best friends from Milan came to visit us there for the day on Saturday and it was heart-warming as always to see our five kids (soon to be six kids) playing together since we all met in our coupled but unmarried living la vida loca partying days.

Our nanny-less month and some is proceeding more smoothly than we had any right to expect, thanks, in part, to a wonderful young lady that works at the girl’s daycare who occasionally babysits for us. Last week the Husband and I went out for sushi en tête à tête to talk about “our situation” and tomorrow we get to not get divorced directly at Ikea since we’re not bringing the kids with us. So, yeah, she’s a lifesaver. Also, we realized although we love our kids to pieces we would not survive without the occasional childfree moment or two.
Thirty seconds after this was taken she was butt starking nekkid in the water.
yeah, him too and all their friends

we even found and carried over a bench "for the pregnant lady"

In other news, the biannual (completely useless, and monumentally annoying) time change which here in Italy happened this past weekend is totally kicking my butt so I’ve been a walking zombie the past couple of days, both mentally and, alas, physically, but I’m confident we’ll all be over it soon (until October when, inexplicably, we have to do this all over again). Also, I’ve finally succumbed to peer and internet pressure and have started reading the Hunger Games. I gotta tell you, I probably did not pick the best emotional state in which to begin the book as I’ve been intermittently crying every other page. I really hope it gets better, or I may have to sue the author for the worsening of my depression… or something.

"you wanna go in the water?" - "yeah, I kind of do..."

The Husband impersonating Lawrence of Arabia

Ok, all done, hope you don’t get too jittery from the espresso! And don’t forget to say hi to our hostess Amy. Toodles.

Picnic on the beach

who's ready for ice cream?!



  1. LOVED this post!  I have a friend who is stationed in Italy with her husband.  =)  I love reading her blog and NOW yours!  =)  Great post!  You make me want to go to the beach! 

  2. Hiya -- what a lovely day you had!!!!  Gosh GF, but "situation" or no "situation", "we realized although we love our kids to pieces we would not survive without the occasional childfree moment or two" is pretty much a standard sentiment for any organism on the face of the earth who has reproduced, LOL

  3. Glad you got some good down time! And if it helps, I cried my way through most of the first book too (though I don't remember getting too emotional over the 2nd & 3rd books). I think you'll be okay with the first book, but I feel I should warn you they're called dystopian novels for a reason, which becomes clear by the end of the 3rd. I hope I haven't given too much away! Just wanted to give you a heads up, since you mentioned your emotional state in reading them. :)

  4. finally, dropping by for coffee...
    i'm still out of sync with the clock change too...
    glad you're able to have some good times at the moment... and i'm determined to NOT succumb and read HG... :)

  5. i just wanted you to know, i've made a VC post today and set up with mr linky if you want to join in...
    i know some of us have missed our coffee chats :)

  6. here's my blog, btw http://decide-what-you-want.blogspot.co.uk/