Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Virtual Coffee {34}

Hello dear friends, and welcome to coffee. Or rather, if you’re in my time zone, welcome to a pre-bed herbal tea. I’m not a lot of fun to be around lately, which is why I’ve been participating in Amy’s virtual coffee so sporadically, but I miss catching up with everyone so here I am, late, but present.

Since I’ve been mired down in a bog of bad moods, unhappy thoughts and adult complications of our own creation today I decided to concentrate on the happy, because, thankfully there’s always some happy to be found somewhere, all we have to do is look for it. So tonight I’m counting my blessings and the reasons to be HAPPY!

I’m happy for this glorious spring-like weather we’re having. The snow is mostly melted, we can play outside again and the days are getting longer. Today we even managed to go to the park until almost 7pm. Bliss.

I’m happy that the Boy now seems to really enjoy going to preschool, he’s opening up and become very sociable and more confident.

I’m happy that the Girl is starting to slowly tone down her epic tantrums. I don’t know if it’s something I’ve been doing, or if she’s gaining more control as she gets older, but we’re ALL happy about this, neighbors and grocery store cashiers included.

I’m happy that the Husband and I are managing to be civil and gracious to each other and that whatever happens the fact that we’re friends and parents will hopefully continue to stay in our forethoughts.

I’m happy that I’m starting to get a handle on my insano-moods lately, without anti-depressants for now, thanks to a reader’s kind email that put me on the right track. Things like this remind me why blogging is so amazing.

And lastly I’m quite happy that this day is almost over, the kids are sleeping peacefully and I’m in bed fixin’ to watch one of my shows and go to sleep relatively early. Meeting for coffee in the evening isn’t half bad, is it, and tomorrow’s another day, full of possibilities!

Tonight I’m also linking up with Mamarazzi for Happy List on Dandelion Wishes.




  1. Oh, I haven't done a virtual coffee in forever. Thanks for reminding me =) Isn't the spring weather just wonderful? I hope that you enjoy your quiet evening time. Have a happy week!

  2. Spring weather does the heart good for sure!!!   You have many happy moments in your life!  Good for you!!!

  3. GREAT things to be happy about, i am so glad that you joined in and linked up. sound like your whole family is making huge strides, congrats.

  4. lovely to spend time with you...
    connecting, whether we're happy or sad, is the true blessing of the internet :)
    thanks for sharing x

  5. Fantastic Happy List!  It is so healthy to focus on the positive!

    Linking from Mamarazzi's.xo,Ricki Jill