Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Virtual Coffee {30}

Hello dear friends, welcome to coffee.

The holidays are upon us and time is accelerating as it does when you’re extra busy. Since we’ll be in Houston for Christmas I wasn’t in the mood to set up a whole, big song and dance for Christmas (also, I didn’t want to have to be taking down Christmas ornaments in February when we get back, and it’s not like the husband’s going to do it when he’s home alone) so we got a teeny, tiny tree this year and let the kids decorate it themselves.

If we were really having coffee I’d also tell you that I must be pms-y already (it’s like a month long thing now) cause this morning I was walking through the toy aisles at the grocery store and I saw an older lady looking up at the toys and then squinting down at a piece of paper with a confused expression on her face and as I got closer I realized she was looking at a kids Christmas list. A really long Christmas list, might I add, with pictures and stickers and such and I got all teary-eyed. God knows why. And as I passed by her I whispered something along the lines of “Happy shopping, Santa Claus” and she laughed and mentioned grandkids. It’s hard here to connect with people, even during the holidays. Everyone minds their own business and no one ever interacts with strangers. I miss that about Texas, the random “Happy Holidays” and “howdy do’s” (not that I actually went around saying howdy do). So this small, insignificant connection with a stranger made me happy, and teary, cause I’m a hormonal mess lately.

seriously tiny tree

I would also tell you that I got the husband’s party all organized finally, kind of, sort of, mostly anyways. I have a venue, guests and his present, so I’ve got the basics down. This week I’ll figure out the rest. My Christmas shopping, however, is not all that advanced. In fact, it hasn’t even gotten started. Thank goodness “Santa” in the US got all the kids presents already so I don’t have to worry about them.  Although, it’s strange, along with the crazy hormones I’m also strangely calm about everything. I’m walking around with a very relaxed “it’ll all get done” attitude. I’m just sort of wondering how, and by whom….
One would almost think I was pregnant, though I’m not, though I kind of wish I were… but that’s fodder for another post.

very proud of their handiwork

Ok, I’m off to get some Christmas shopping done, or I may just sit outside and enjoy the sun on my face cause it’s a beautiful day out. After all, the Christmas shopping will get done somehow.

we finally wrote our letters to Santa

Now mosey on over and say hi to our hostess Amy!

p.s. though it’ may sound like I’ve been smoking weed, I actually haven’t, I’m just really mellow lately. Maybe I should switch my decaf for some real coffee…


  1. what a lovely tiny tree :)
    and bless that lady in the toy shop...
    wish my kids wanted toys - they just want money *sigh*
    (they're 16 and 14)

  2. Imagine what a mess I am: pregnant and with no real coffee (hate decaf)... .  We are not going to have christmass tree at all this year, so I really like your tiny one.

  3. Now that's one thing I don't miss about pregnancy... no caffeine!

  4. Ah the wondrous teenage years... well at least with money they can't complain about the present you got them!

  5. LOL you crack me up. I'm glad you're feeling mellow these days! That's a good thing. And for sure, it will all get done. That tree might be tiny but it IS super cute! And more than we've got. I found a cute little Santa with a bucket in his lap for candy, and that'll just have to be our "Christmas tree" this year. Luckily I did bring our stockings from the States, so we do have a little something holiday-like from home.

  6. I'm pretty relaxed about the holidays this year too. It's a good thing we don't live near each other or we'd never get anything done. :)

  7. hahahaa, i did have to laugh at the last comment about smoking weed. whatever works ; ) i am actually a little farther along with my shopping this year than i normally am...i always wait and then get super stressed and i just don't want that to happen this year! so, i should pick up the pace with the shopping and making stuff, huh?

  8. Yes, but then we could not worry about it together over a glass of wine or something.

  9. I can't believe you can't find even a replacement Christmas tree, I'm telling you, decorate the mango tree!!! (and then post pics!)

  10. Yes, pick up the pace, cause someone around here has to and it's unlikely it'll be me! 

  11. The did a fine job decorating the mini-tree!
    I still have Christmas shopping to do - sigh. Like the really hard to buy something small for boy that I have to have by Friday...