Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Virtual Coffee {7}


Happy Tuesday friends, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. 
We got lucky this year, the weather was supposed to be rainy and dreary, which is how it started out, but then after lunch the sun came out and we got to spend a wonderful afternoon lounging in the sun.

So, if we were really having coffee today, I would tell you that the last week has been kind of difficult for me, I’ve been emotionally unstable for the past few days kind of like I have permanent PMS. Yes, lovely. I’m not really sure why, because except for the obvious “husband’s in the hospital” excuse nothing’s really happened and I’m assuming I’m too young to be premenopausal. One would hope.

I got really upset Thursday cause I thought my little brother was coming to visit and I’d been counting on some fun distractions, but he can’t and that depressed me more than is justified or normal. Luckily my older brother and his wife came to the rescue and spent a few days here, providing a nice breath of fresh air.
Of course, as soon as they left I promptly re-captured the whole woe is me state of mind and since I realistically can’t have someone here holding my hand for the husband’s entire recovery I’ve decided to get a leg up from a pill. So, if we were really having coffee today, I’d probably ask you if you’ve ever taken anything for anxiety/depression cause the idea of taking medication scares the bejeezus out of me, although becoming a weepy mess at the slightest provocation possibly scares me more.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that the Girl has been sick and the list of possible illnesses we considered is impressive. I wonder why it is that when your kid is sick everyone has an opinion and they all differ completely. Anyway, I’m sticking to sixth disease (roseola) after all my opinion is the only one that counts, right?

I would also ask you how your Easter weekend was; do you have any fun family traditions I can steal? Ours are still in the making, though they do involve inordinate amounts of chocolate so we’re on the right track! Talking about chocolate I really miss Cadbury eggs. They don’t sell them here, why is a mystery far greater than my understanding. So if anyone wants to send me a box… just kidding, sort of. Let’s just say they wouldn’t be too good for my diet and leave it at that.
Oh, my diet you ask? Well let’s just say Easter and dieting don’t go well together, especially considering that my sister in law recently took a pizza making class and decided to teach me how to do it, amazing! And fun! And yummy! Though really an awful lot of work. In any case, recipe and pictures coming soon.

Now, tell me about your Easter? Did the Easter Bunny visit? Are you all chocolate-ed out?
Oh and don’t forget to hop on over to Amy’s for another cup!


  1. Easter and traditions.... I grew up in a family that ALWAYS spent holidays together. I did not even know that restaurants offered holiday meals until I was out of the house. A big lunch with many family and friends filled our holiday "anticipato" by menu planning the days before and enjoying left-overs the days after. This is a tradition that my children have no idea of. For them holidays mean packing their over-night backpacks and gathering up with the "Tata" until the official holiday meal is over an then being reunited with thier parents that are way past being over-tired with no further energy to cook a damn thing. If we are lucky we go to my husband's family for a light dinner and rest the day after, usually missing the rest of the family and the big mid-day meal. For now, the kids are learning another family's traditions, from another country, with another religion. Easter baskets are found the evening after, Santa Claus comes the day before, and Thanksgiving is talked about over a slice of pumkin pie, italian style. They have never experienced a holiday in America with my family, like I only knew growing up. So, really, I have a lot to work on. amy

  2. You know, if we were having coffee today I would probably tell you I think there is no shame is using some medication for what you are going through. Although I believe that less is more so try not to end up walking around like a zombie. It takes a brave person to admit they need a little more help and can't do it all on their own. We do a chocolate/candy/egg kind of hunt in the house. With just one kid it's a little different than most, but it's all he's even known PLUS he gets to keep all the chocolate/candy (except for what I pilfer when he isn't looking). I would love to see that pizza recipe. I have tried, and failed, many times to make a good crust.

  3. allora? tocca che torno?

  4. Reading your post reminds me just how special our day together was this weekend. I'm thinking of you. And yes, I know lots and lots of people who have take meds for a while during a crisis. Think of them as an umbrella when you are standing in a rain storm. xx

  5. This coffee idea is an excellent one! Nice to sit down and chat with friends:) We don't have a lot of Easter traditions other than the egg hunt. Boring, right? Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I'd say you'd be fully justified in eating copious amounts of pizza AND chocolate in a time like this. And I agree with Frau Fancy, there's nothing wrong with taking meds to help you get through a tough time. I know many who have done the same and it's helped stop them falling apart at a time when they needed to be strong. Thinking of you xx