Wednesday, March 24, 2010

random stuff and a meltdown

We’ve had a busy couple of days, trying to get stuff done before The Husband has to go back in for round 3.
Sunday we just hung out at home, doing home improvement type jobs and playing with the kiddos. Monday we took The Girl back to the hospital for her follow up visit, we still don’t know what caused her rash, but she’s loads better now. We have to go back tomorrow for some blood tests for allergies so hopefully we’ll know more soon. The chief of peds authorized us not to get any more vaccinations until we figure out what caused this so we’re thankfully off the hook for now. It seems that it can’t be the vaccines that caused the rash  cause it started 6 days after she had them, and it does seem that nowadays we are really quick to jump to the conclusion that whatever happens is the vaccine’s fault, but I don’t want to take any risks while The Husband is in the hospital. It’s not like we’re going to be travelling anywhere anyway, so it really won’t make a difference right now whether she’s vaccinated or not. Tuesday it was The Husband’s turn to go back to the hospital for tests, and in the afternoon we took our first walk around Cuneo. We actually got out our double stroller which hadn’t been used since the beginning of December (due to the subarctic temperatures – it’s not like you can take a toddler and a newborn  out for a leisurely stroll when it’s -10°C!). We ran into our friends Crazy Connecticut Lady and her son Devil Boy and we even got an ice cream at Bar Corso, so The Husband was extra happy! Today we started out the day with a family wide adjustment. Our friend and chiropractor C came over and adjusted everyone, The Boy particularly  liked sticking his face in the hole in the massage table! Then we all took off for Lurisia where we had lunch with some coworkers. The Boy was in 7th heaven cause our friend and gardener (though I should call him a plant artist) R was there. R doesn’t get to see his own grandkids too often so he’s “adopted” The Boy. Of course, The Boy became the HAPPIEST baby on the block when R took him to see the trucks loading up at the bottling plant. The Girl was very well behaved and smiled at everyone, though she really, vocally, let us know that she didn’t appreciate anyone holding her other than mom and dad…We’re thinking she has a good shot at becoming an opera singer, considering the lungs she’s got on her!!
Since the day had gone without a hitch, both kids had been complete angels and so on, we were totally due a meltdown… and we actually managed to run right into one with our own two hands…
We left Lurisia with both kids sleeping in the car, so we thought… why don’t we go and buy The Boy’s new high chair at this great store… that also sells toys… (you see where I’m going with this, right??) So we get there and The Boy wakes up, not in the best of moods, but still ok, we walk around, find the chairs and decide on one… everything is still going fine… so while The Girl and I look for a salesperson to go get us what we  need, The Boy and Daddy walk around the store. I do what I gotta do and go looking for The Boy and The Husband… I hear whining, but I’m not too worried, I find them… near the bikes… and then all hell breaks loose. The Boy wants to ride a bike, it’s not clear whether he wants us to buy it for him or if he just wants to ride it right there and then, but of course there are signs all over that say that kids need to stay the heck off the bikes. So what do we do, well, we switch kids, so I pick up The Boy and take him to pick out a car OR tool set to take home, he wants neither… and as I continue to refuse the bike and he continues to refuse the other options all of a sudden I’ve got a full blown screaming, hair pulling toddler tantrum on my hands. My first. At this point I grab the kid, switch back with The Husband and propel him and the screaming banshee out the shop door as The Girl and I “sedately” get in line to pay for our purchases. Of course the whole time The Boy is screaming ay, ay ay like he’s in pain, the volume of the screaming probably had the entire store thinking we had broken one of his limbs or something. Of course the screaming continued in the car (he managed to get out of the carseat restraints….) and almost all the way home. The Girl, of course, started crying right along with him, we don’t know if she was irritated at the noise level or it was a show of sisterly solidarity. The Husband and I started laughing a little hysterically when we realized what the next few years are going to be like.
Of course, we have no one to blame but ourselves, and we learned a valuable life lesson: Never take a tired, cranky and hungry toddler to a toy store. You’d think that two relatively intelligent adults would’ve known this, you’d think… (notice how many times I’ve repeated “of course” throughout my description of the event, it really couldn’t have ended any other way!)


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