Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

The Husband has been back in the hospital since last Monday. He finished 3 days of radiation therapy, twice a day, and he’s started his last round of chemo. This time around it’s been a lot tougher on him, he started feeling bad right away, unfortunately. Obviously the idea that it’s almost over is what’s keeping him going at this point. The bone marrow transplant is scheduled for either Thursday or Friday, so please, please, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week. Unfortunately, once it’s done we’re not quite finished yet because it’ll take several months for his body to accept the new bone marrow, they say that patients that react well to transplants take 6 months to go back to a normal life (others have to be on meds long term, and then there’s the really negative option that we’re not even considering). But once he’s home again (probably early May) we’ll all be happier and more relaxed and we’ll just have to help him recuperate and get his energy back. On the home front, The Boy’s been sick with either scarlet fever or impetigo… whatever it was it looked a lot like what The Girl had… but at least now he’s well on his way to being healthy and hopefully he’ll go back to daycare this week (every day he asks me if he’s going to “school” tomorrow…)
We had a nice Easter with The Boy and The Girl’s Nonno, cousin R and Uncle F (their Nonna was in the hospital with her “baby”) and now we’re all looking forward to the week starting and hopefully everything going back to normal. We have a really long to do list to get through before Daddy comes home!
That’s all folks!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter, and please think positive thoughts our way for the transplant!


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