Thursday, March 11, 2010

Will the snow ever stop and why the heck is everyone sick?

Everybody is getting sick. The Boy has bronchitis and an infection in his gums, he had to take antibiotics, which made us none too happy, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, and when the doc asked me how many times he’d taken them this winter and I told him he’d only taken them once when he was three months old for a UTI and never again I felt a little better about his having to take them now. (I know I’m a little paranoid, but I hate giving him meds, and I’m especially crazy about antibiotics!) And now The Girl’s got a cough and she’s all red and blotchy with what looks like some sort of allergic reaction so we’re off to the doc again. I’ve been fighting off a sore throat for a few days now, and am starting to worry that I’m going to OD on vitamin C and Echinacea and various homeopathic remedies. Ironically, The Husband is the only really healthy one here… 
It snowed here for two days straight, and I really mean two days straight, we’ve had about 3 feet of snow, which I’m totally thrilled about cause I really missed shoveling snow for the whole entire week we’ve managed to be snow-free, and of course I so didn’t want to have to put away my furry snow boots in favor of flats since technically spring is almost here, but hey when does the weather ever consult the calendar to find out how it should behave?!?!
I almost forgot, my brother G and sister in law M came to visit Saturday and Sunday. The Boy wasn’t in top form but The Girl made up for it by smiling all around (see they’re already helping each other out!). They arrived from Rome laden with pizza bianca (this bread-like pizza , or pizza-like bread, that they only make in Rome and that we use to make sandwiches– it’s divine and The Husband has been hankering after one for months) and fresh buffalo mozzarella. We were all very happy to see them and we spend a nice albeit brief two half-days with them. 
Unfortunately, Nana is leaving tomorrow, she has lots to do in Rome and I bet she’s pretty sick of the weather here (she also has to take advantage of the brief respite from all the snow to get on a plane and get the hell out of dodge, or she may be stuck here for another two weeks).
As far as The Husband is concerned, he’s doing okay, he’s pretty nauseous all the time and he’s been having to go into the hospital pretty often for tests and stuff to get him ready for the transplant. I won’t get into the whole transplant bit now, but it’s freaking us out some.
Argh, I’m not done with what I wanted to write, but unfortunately my free time is up, must take The Girl to the doc. Updates coming soon, I hope!


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