Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Virtual Coffee {22}

Hello, and welcome to what is, at this point, a nightcap rather than coffee as it’s almost midnight here. Eh, no matter, any excuse to get together, right?

The day completely ran away from me today, which is not a bad thing in and of itself as it’s kept me from obsessing about the boy starting preschool tomorrow. The start of preschool here, or Scuola Materna, is emotionally what Kindergarten is in the US, cause after three years of preschool they start first grade. I know it’s not “real” school yet, but still… he gets up and goes every morning… and sure, it doesn’t matter if he misses school every once in awhile but still, after this… primary school. Sniffle.

Anyway. I picked up his grembiule today, a smock they wear over their regular clothes, from a friend who embroidered his name on the pocket for me as I’m crap with a sewing machine (of course I’ll post a picture tomorrow, you don’t even have to ask), I packed all his stuff, I dried my eyes looking at baby pictures and I went to my very first school meeting tonight. I know, all this is going to get real old, real fast, but right now all I can think is how is it possible that I think my three year old is big, he’s only three.

Ok, I’m done, moving on to other news, I went to Ikea again today for the beach apartment. I practically live there. They should be giving me stock options any day now! I’m not totally done yet (will I ever really be done??), but I did get the last of the “necessary” items (like the second bathroom sink, cabinets, mirror) and have started on the actual decorating part which, admittedly, is kind of fun. So I came back with a trunk full of pillows, and colorful fabrics, and vases, rugs and candles. Not a bad way to spend the day, even if it is an hour and a half drive, there and back. The husband is going down tomorrow to supervise the last of the furniture assembling operations and, though we would’ve enjoyed spending this weekend there, the sodding windows haven’t arrived yet so it’s going to keep sitting empty, well, furnished but empty of people.

At this point, if we were really having a nightcap together, I’d yawn and stretch and offer you a bed, because, it’s pretty late to be driving home (and we probably weren’t drinking herbal tea). We’d finish the conversation over coffee tomorrow morning, right before taking pictures of the cutest little preschooler ever. And now I’m off to charge my camera. 

Night, night. But before we sleep, pop over and visit Amy!



  1. Awww...hang tough tomorrow mama! I know I'll be a mess next year when my oldest goes to kindergarten. Time just goes WAY too fast.

    And thanks for the drink ... I TOTALLY needed one!

  2. bittersweet with the start of school.  i think living near an IKEA would be torture, and crazy on the credit card!!  hope your move and purchases will dwindle and you will relax and enjoy!!  

  3. Hello there!!!!! Io ricordo perfettamente quando Niccolò ha iniziato la Scuola Materna, abbiamo una bellissima sua foto in cornice con un'aria spaurita ed il suo bel grembiule con il nome ricamato ed un cavallino sulla ragazzo lunedì inizia il Liceo....ARGHHHHHH, ma dove sono volati questi anni? Goditelo fin che puoi e cerca di imprimerti nella mente questi momenti che non torneranno! Un bacione

  4. I love IKEA. But H always makes me calculate the number of hours I spend putting it together and travelling there and back and then my hourly work rate and asks me to explain. I try to show him how awesome and inexpensive it is. And that I brought back not only furniture but a crate of pickled herring. But still he resists. Good luck with school! x