Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day

Yesterday was the Boy’s first day of preschool. This is going to be one of those mundane posts with lots of pictures exactly like everyone else’s pictures, but it’s a pretty monumental step for us so just bear with me and try not to roll your eyes too much!

The first thing he said to me as soon as he woke up was “do I get to go to big school today?” (as opposed to the Baby Parking, which, as indicated by the name is little kids' school). I was both happy and sad at his enthusiasm. We got dressed and had breakfast in record time and I managed to get in a couple of obligatory first pictures, here you go:

Surprisingly, he let me put his smock on for the picture. 

The enthusiasm makes him silly

Sillier and sillier

And then we sneaked out of the house, cause the Girl was none too happy that her big brother was going to school without her and she had to go back to Daycare all on her lonesome.
The Boy was unbelievably excited at being able to ride his bike to school, “like the big kids” and I sniffled all the way (thankfully it’s a two minute ride, so I didn’t have time to really start the water works).

His preschool is right across the street from that bell tower in the background

He parked his bike right at the front entrance

We explored his classroom together, put everything in his cupboard (which he shares with another little girl), he donned his smock and was ready to go, a little sad to see me leave, but excited to meet the other kids. I walked out and thankfully ran into a neighbor so had to maintain a modicum of decorum, cause I had a LOT of pent up angst. I really hope I manage to get myself together and be a little more relaxed about this stuff or I may die from a heart attack (or lack of sleep) before they get to middle school.

Checking out the toys

You can go now, mama

other classroom

shared cupboards

Thankfully, when I got home and looked over the pictures I found something that snapped me out of my melancholic mood pronto. You may recall a recent post about the Boy’s name and our decision to possibly change it, you can read it here, but for the short version his name is Alexandre, pronounced Alexander, and we’ve started finding some difficulty with his having a foreign name (for Italy) with an unconventional spelling. This is the result:

I’m going to talk to his teachers today, cause I’d really like him to at least learn to spell his name correctly and not have any confusion on that point! As far as the legally changing it part, we’re on the fence still, we’ll see how this year goes.

At noon we rode our bikes home and had a nice quiet lunch, just the two of us, before going to get his sister from daycare. Starting today he eats lunch there, so we’ll see, they have a nice lady who cooks lunch as it’s a small parochial school so it should at least be good!

Toodles for now, I hope everyone else’s first days of school are going well!


  1. Yay for the first day of school!!

  2. He looks so excited for the first day of school!  How fun!  I can't get over that name plate, that is too funny!  Hopefully you'll get it straightened out soon!

  3. Sofia inizia mercoledí e sono molto preoccupata perché lei vorrebbe disperatamente tornare al suo nido...speriamo che trovi delle buone amichette che le facciano cambiare idea...riguardo al nome, anche Sofia ha avuto qulche problemino all'inizio del nido: avevano scritto Sophia dappertutto! Baci Cla

  4. Love the spelling! ha ha! Handsome tot that one.