Monday, September 12, 2011

Thwarted by a cold

I had big plans for this blog this week. Some totally new content that I hope you’ll enjoy, a new look, some oldies but goodies… but then the Girl got sick. 

She wasn’t terribly sick this morning, but when I saw she wasn’t 100% I jumped at the chance to spend the day with her, just the two of us, a rare occurrence. I figured she’d be back at baby parking tomorrow and I could get on with my life. Ha, said fate, right in my face.

Because the girl’s “kinda sick but not really” evolved into a clingy mess of neediness, barfing, a temperature and a seal-like barking cough that makes my ribcage hurt every time I hear it.

So all my big plans have been put on hold until a time to be determined… and let’s just hope the Boy doesn’t catch it next cause this month is already crazy insane without this, because, (did I mention this?) my Mom’s wedding is in like two weeks. Two weeks! GAH!


  1. well that sounds frankly disgusting. You need a "sick baby PA." Seriously. 

  2. Oy!  Didn't know about the upcoming wedding, but on the + side, the stomach bugs, as much as they suck, tend to be quick (albeit heartbreaking).. Focus on your priorities-- we'll still be here when you are ready to post again.  Hang in there-- wishing a speedy recover for your daughter.