Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virtual Coffee {19}

Hello Dear Friends and welcome to coffee! (tea for me, it’s a minor miracle, but I’m actually still doing the detox I mentioned), today’s virtual coffee will be brief cause I’m actually guest posting on the transition from having one kid to two for the lovely Allison over at Alli’n Son, who just had her second baby and is taking a necessary break from her “blogging duties” (so go read me there too, please, if you can).

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you today...

On a pirate ship - doesn't he look too little to be going off to preschool already? Sniff!

I don't know WHAT we were doing, but those are hippos in the background

These guys made me feel right at home... yeehaw!

...and ask for advice, we were supposed to go to the (almost totally renovated!) beach apartment the last week of August and first week of September before the Boy starts “Scuola Materna” (preschool), but unfortunately the apartment won’t be ready (long rant against Italian builders coming tomorrow) so we decided to book something close by last-minutish. 

Except… how does one do that without paying through the nose? I’m pretty much a planner when it comes to holidays and we rarely have to organize actual vacations in hotels and stuff because we have family all over the place so I have no experience with this. Have you gotten deals for last minute vacations? Any advice?

Thanks friends! And, as usual, go visit our hostess Amy at Lucky Number 13!!


  1. Thank you for coffee/tea this morning.  The zoo looks like fun!  I haven't used them, but there are a lot of on-line sites where you can book last minute rentals at a discounted price.  Expedia.com is one and I know there are more, but their names are escaping me right now.  Orbitz-- that's another one.  Good luck!

  2. Love the hippo pic! :0) No ideas for last minute vacations, except maybe to just pack some things, jump in the car, and go where the road leads! That sounds fun, and I'd do it more often myself except I have two babies who don't do car trips well yet! :0)

  3. um don't listen to me. Stay tuned for the real cost of flying cheap ass air...but you look fabulous! And well done on the detox!!!

  4. Hi!  Thanks for stopping by my blog and nice meeting you.  The picture of the three of y'all is just precious.... so cute.  Hope your trip works out and you find something. 

  5. I read your awesome post at Alli'n Son. LOVED it and thought it was oh so true! 

    Yes, the boy does look little on the huge boat...cutie pie. 

    Well, I have no advice on the vacation thing...because the last REAL vacation I took was my honeymoon almost ten years ago...Ha!

    Have a great week, and thanks for coffee.

  6. Oh, no bueno on your vacation rental not being ready. I don't have any advice, but I hope it works out.

  7. I'm lucky enough to do a fair amount of traveling!  www.venere.com is a great resource for hotels & B&Bs.  www.homeaway.com has house/apartment rentals all over the world.  And I haven't used, but was recently turned on to www.airbnb.com where you rent space from private people.