Thursday, August 4, 2011

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows - Yes, I’m going there.

Last week I took my niece to see the final episode of Harry Potter, aren’t I a great aunt? 

Well, in truth, what actually happened was that I was out looking at washers for the beach apartment and as chance would have it that store also sold DVDs, and I just had to have a mosey around as I was so dejected at the prices of washers - incidentally, why the hell are they so expensive anyway all they have to do is wash the damn clothes not make them from scratch - and when I saw Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1 I needed it to cheer me up. (This whole explanation was for the husband’s benefit, as he never understands how I can go into a store to “just look” and inevitably come out with something or other, I know you lot understand me intuitively.)

So we watched it that night (how I managed to miss it when it was at the movies is beyond me, but I’m sure my children are to blame), and got into it so much that we (and by we I, of course, mean me) had to go see part 2 right away since, as luck would have it it’s on at the movies right now. My niece kindly allowed herself to be used as my excuse. A perk of “taking my niece to the movies” is that I got to miss bath time. Oh the joy!

Anyway, we went to see it in 3D cause it was the only thing available at the time that we wanted and let me just say that it was pretty much a waste of money. (the 3D, not the movie)
The movie, on the other hand, was awesome. I honestly think it was the best movie out of all of them, the first one was good too, the second one was ok and then they got progressively more terrible as they progressed (notice the repetition, couldn’t think of one synonym for either word, not one, and too lazy to do a search, but felt the need to put in a disclaimer lest you think my grammar’s really terrible). Back to the movie: this one really picked up the pace of the book and left me with a newfound fondness for HP. It actually made me want to reread the books (again, for like the gazillionth time).

Plus, I got to go to the movies, at night!


  1. I totally agree. The ones in the middle got a little craptastic, but these last two. Great. Great. I'm going to miss him a little....

    My daughter met Daniel Radcliffe this summer she wrote about it on my blog

  2. Yay for movies at night! Yay for nieces! Now all I need is a niece and a movie theater and I'm so there...

  3. I could lend you mine... I also have five nephews if you prefer, depends on the kind of movie you want to see!

  4. Tuo fratello ed io siamo andati giusto ieri sera, senza minori a seguito ( devo dire che in genere andiamo a vedere pure i cartoni....a volte con un certo imbarazzo, perché' piu volte siamo stati i soli, nel senso senza minori al seguito, adulti in sala!)
    Concordo con te sui film precedenti: per il "Principe mezzosangue" (libro) ho pianto a rotta di collo, il film non mi ha emozionato neanche un po'.

  5. The whole thing is making me want to reread them. And you are an awesome aunt!

  6. Hi, I'm baaaack!

  7. Andare a vedere i cartoni fa bene allo spirito e senza minori è decisamente meglio perché almeno riesci a seguire il film!

  8. I'm just awesome in general.... ;-)