Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Like Pizza and Ice Cream

As Christmas is coming closer and closer I’ve fallen under a strange spell. The craziness of the last few weeks, the couple’s therapy, the barely contained emotions over the one year mark from the Husband’s diagnosis, the children not sleeping for weeks now due to teeth, coughs and nerves, it’s all come to a head this week in the most unexpected of ways. Monday I almost cracked completely, and then I had one of those realizations of epic proportions, complete with celestial music and lighting. And this is what I decided (what I realized is for another post, when I figure out how to convey it through words), this Christmas I’m going to let go of all the ridiculousness. I’m not going to get mad over stupid stuff, I’m not going to stress over the perfect meal, I’m not going to argue with the husband and I’m not going to let my frustrations or my feelings of inadequacy or my demons through the door. This Christmas I’m going to wear something that’s more comfortable than elegant, I’m going to sit through the meal, and everyone can serve themselves, I’m going to eat my food and enjoy it with no guilt, I’m going to buy part of the meal instead of cooking it myself and I’m not going to care, I’m going to watch the children unwrap the presents that magically appeared in the night and revel in their joy and if there aren’t any pictures of the event, well so be it, living it is more important than photographing it, I’m going to pause for a second and thank God that this year we’re all together for Christmas, cause that certainly isn’t a given. This year I want my Christmas to be simple and guilt, anger and frustration free. This year I’m going to just relax and enjoy it.
Last night, as I was thinking all of this, we were having pizza and ice cream for dinner, and it suddenly struck me what a perfect, comforting, simple meal it is. So that’s what I want this year, I want my Christmas to be just like pizza and ice cream.


  1. I love this post! Praise God that sometimes we realize that life is going to be okay, even though we are not getting nearly as much "done" as we keep thinking we need to. The 24th we will close the doors and wake up to Christmas with our kids. A simple day filled with just being together in the spirit of gentle kindness! Merry Christmas, Yara and family, you have so much to celebrate and I compliment you on your decision to do just that!!!

  2. Amen! This is an amazing post!
    Thank goodness for celestial realizations and comfort food!
    Hope the holiday proves down to earth and the stuff of memories.
    Baci, Alcira


  3. That is awesome, Yara! Same exact Christmas plans that I've made. Demons not allowed, husband and children will be praised and loved, pajamas will be worn all day and above all else, I will NOT be anal this year... I will not pick up wrapping paper as soon as it's torn off of a box.... someone else can clean up this year, or we can get to it on the 26th.

    Christmas Eve will be our big meal and if you want to eat on Christmas day, you can help yourself to leftovers. I am going to enjoy Christmas day and RELAX.

    In order to prepare for my stress-free Christmas, I'm treating myself to a pedicure tonight and a 90 minute massage tomorrow. That should get me in the Christmas spirit!

  4. I love it Yara, Thank you so much for the reality check I will remember your post when I feel I am going to lose it. Have a wonderful holiday with your beautiful family.

  5. Dobbiamo tutti imparare a prendere le cose che ci sembrano più importanti con "leggerezza" e quello che tu hai scritto è un ottimo punto di partenza.....stamperò questo post e lo terrò caro in modo da poterlo rileggere quando mi sembrerà di essere soverchiata dal mondo. Ogni giorno della nostra vita è un regalo e dobbiamo imparare a goderne a pieno senza troppe "menate". Ti voglio bene Barbara