Saturday, September 4, 2010

I-pad, oh i-pad, wherefore art thou i-pad

So I finally, finally got sucked into the whole apple world. True, I had dipped my toes in with the i-phone, but honestly, I never took it seriously, plus I have always been conscious of its main flaw: it sucks as a phone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing toy, I love the apps, I love that I can watch my tv shows on it, I literally play around with it all day, but it has crappy reception and just try dialing a number while driving without taking your eyes off the road. And then I bought the i-pad. I love the i-pad. The i-pad rocks.
The i-pad’s only flaw? It’s a money sucking machine. It somehow ensnares you, bewitches you, convinces you that you can’t live without that app, and gosh let me buy some e-books, and it’s got so much memory let me download that new tv show and oooooh I can’t get parenting magazine in Italy, I’ll just subscribe to the digital version… and on and on and on… and all of a sudden you’re looking at your bank statement and going woah, where’d those 400bucks go??
I’m just hoping it’s the initial excitement or The Husband is going to have to take my credit cards away again….
So to steal my brother’s words on an fb update:
Mr. Jobs you do your voodoo on me soooo good Mr. Jobs.. Can't get enough of da iPad Mr. Jobs.. Congratulations Mr. Jobs.. You yuppify me


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