Monday, September 20, 2010

First real post

This is my first real Moomser post. All the previous posts come from our private family blog, so if they sound a little weird, that's why. I copied them here cause I wanted to put in a little background. And also the idea of the first lonely posts kind of intimidated me, so I gave myself a little comfort cushion of older words and thoughts that help define me so I wouldn't feel so lonely out here on my own. I'll be posting pictures soon, to liven up the page. So welcome to whomever is interested in my marginally neurotic ramblings, I hope to at least mildly entertain you!

On a wholly unrelated note, I just started watching season 4 of Hell's Kitchen, and I have to say, I honestly didn't think that professional chefs needed to say 'fuck' quite as many times as Gordon Ramsey does. Just saying.


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