Friday, February 17, 2012

Tales from the bedside

As I seem to have mentioned at least a few times we were all sick last week. And when children are sick, as you well know, it means getting up 1,253 times a night despite how the parents are feeling. 
So a few nights ago, at 2.30am the Boy calls to me for water and I head off on one of my many treks to the kids’ room. He guzzles his water, and I realize he has a temperature of 39.8°C (103.6°F) which explains his delirium. As I’m giving him a fever reducer he turns to me, eyes still closed, asleep, one would presume, and says to me: “Mama, I’m a bird, you know? A big, strong bird. Like that famous eagle.”

A few weeks ago, in Houston, we went to the Zoo. And we saw a rather large bald eagle.

As I showed the bird to the boy, I explained that that bird was pretty special because it was on the seal of the President of the United States of America. (I'm trying to teach give him some sense of american-ness without boring him into hating it.)

So there you have it, he really does listen to me when I talk. My Boy, the Eagle.


  1. Oh, I hate when everyone is sick, but at least the delirium let you know he's listening. :)  Hope you all feel better soon.

  2. Oh how sweet! I hope everyone feels better soon!