Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some things just boggle my mind

I just had to write this really quick post today, because OH MY GOD, people!

My brother in law and his girlfriend are expecting a baby (YAY!!). So today she and I were talking about baby and pregnancy things and she mentioned she wasn’t sure what to do about a crib or cradle for the baby. I try not to talk to much, because, well, we all know how annoying too much advice is when we’re pregnant and also I epitomize the American consumerism ideal and had both a cradle and a crib for my kids, as well as a wicker basket for when we were downstairs, and I do, in fact, realize how completely ridiculous that is.

So anyway, I told her about the co-sleeper, because they don’t exist in Italy and when I saw it in the US I wished I didn’t already have more sleeping implements for babies than actual babies in the house. And, I told her, if you plan on breastfeeding, or if you’re a basket case like I was, checking to see if the baby was breathing every half an hour (on a side note, why do they have to terrorize new mothers with statistics on sids?) a co-sleeper is a really good idea, you can check on the baby and latch it on whilst practically still asleep. Optimizing sleep, when you have a newborn is really all you want to do anyway.

So I told her I’d send her some sites to check out and I went a-internet-searching, as one does nowadays, and I landed on this site: arms reach please go visit the site and come back, because you have to see this for yourself.

Now, I like animals, I’ve always had pets but for the love of all that is holy I cannot, for the life of me, fathom how you can put co-sleeper beds for babies on the same site as co-sleeper beds for pets. Seriously. What happened to your pooch sleeping on the rug near your bed? And also, I cannot, I simply CANNOT imagine buying a bed for a newborn with the image of practically the same identical bed for a dog. It blows my mind. And I thought the pet stroller was ridiculous enough all on its own.

What, I ask you, is the world coming to?


  1. At Paul's company Christmas party we were seated across from a very nice older couple who turned out to be some of "those" people. They referred to their two mangy, 4-legged creatures, as their "kids". (I probably shouldn't use the word mangy, because those dogs probably use better shampoo than my human kids) I made a remark about how lucky they were to be able to kennel their "kids" because sometimes I would LOVE to kennel mine and the lady remarked, "We would NEVER kennel our dogs" and went on to tell me they hired a baby sitter to come live at the house when they were out of town because a pet sitter would just check on them a few times a day and boarding them would just be cruel.

    Oh! I almost forgot the best part - the husband is being transferred to Singapore (or somewhere Asia-ish) for two years with his job. The wife is not going to move with him - not because of her aversion to living in Asia, or because of her family, friends or job in Houston. It was because they could not take the dogs with them and they didn't have anyone they could trust to keep them for two years. Paul and I have yet to complete our wills/ guardianship, etc... but I guarantee this couple went all Leona Helmsley and have a trust and guardianship set up for their dogs. AND I bet you they used a co-sleepers when the dogs were puppies.

  2. I'm laughing out loud. Seriously. This is the best thing I've ever seen. I want one! (And we don't even own a dog.)

  3. You can get one for the next baby! And then you can use it for the dog your kids will surely talk you into. Years and years of usage down the line, it's a great investment!

  4. Did you slap them? Because right now, I really would like to slap them!

  5. Hahaha! People and their pets are crazy!

    PS: I had the co-sleeper with Reese & Jackson. Best. Invention. Ever.