Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brookstone, vibrators and the economy - wtf wednesday

We all know the economy’s gone to the crapper, but there’s nothing quite like being reminded of this in the unlikeliest of places. The husband and I went to Brookstone on Monday, because it’s the classic place where tourists go to look for idiotic presents to bring home after their trips (although, some things I’ve gotten from there have been pure genius). We made our selection and went to pay, and I was a little surprised to see the checkout kid put the person in front of me’s purchases in a Whole Foods grocery bag. I paid and since I had a few things I saw the kid look around in a panic, and then he phewed in relief and picks up a large, worn, battered, clearly used brookstone bag and puts my stuff in it. At the questioning look on my face he answers: oh, we ran out of our bags right before Christmas, but we didn’t get our new bag budget until January 1st and we still don’t have any bags, we’ve been using old grocery bags but I’ve finished them today so we’re really happy when someone returns something and we can keep their bags!  Really? Brookstone, you sell a whole lot of pretty useless crap, how bout investing in some bags for the people buying your merchandise?

Also, on the way out we notice this display:

Now, we all know that 99% of the time “personal massagers” are vibrators in disguise for politically correct stores, but seriously the “disguise” part’s totally blown on this one! So, Brookstone, maybe less vibrators and more shopping bags in the future.

I was going to link up with Poppy at Funny or snot for WTF wednesday, but she's not doing the linky anymore... sigh.


  1. Well thank you for linking to me, I bagged out in October because I'm lazy.  Those are great WTF's.  I wouldn't want to take my new vibrant massager in a clear plastic sack.  

  2. That, apparently, is not a problem as they kind of expect you to provide your own bags!

  3. I disagree. I say more vibrators and less bags will make the world a better place!

  4. I laughed out loud when I got their last catalog.  It was a full on centerfold spread to the "personal massager"

  5. No, no, personal vibrators are for my sore shoulders. Seriously. :-)

  6. I see nothing wrong with a very important part of pleasure being sold.  Additionally, there is medical reasons people should have access to them, especially neurological disorders.  Look them up, I'm not kidding.  

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