Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brief Recap

So I haven’t written in a few days, yeah, yeah, I’m sorry… what’ve I been doing, you ask? You mean instead of keeping you abreast of all the fascinating and exhilarating things going on in our fabulously interesting lives? Well, let me tell you. We had a pretty packed weekend. Our friends from Milan, B and V and their son M came to visit. We hadn’t seen them in 7 years, we counted. In fact, we hadn’t so much as spoken in at least five years. In fact, when The Husband and V decided to get together this weekend and told us to find a B&B for him, his son and B we weren’t even sure whether B was the one we knew or some total stranger with the same name. I guess the premise sounds fun enough though, huh?! The weekend went surprisingly well (surprising because in five years people can change, but thankfully we all got along great like when we were all young, childless and carefree), the kids played, the adults talked (some) and everyone ate plenty. The Husband was in good health and spirits, so he barbecued – that says it all!
Saturday evening our friends the Reds family joined us for dinner, and then we all met again at the Terme for lunch on Sunday. Of course, The Husband used up all his energy reserves over the weekend so he spent Tuesday in bed, sleeping and recuperating all day. So that’s that.
On another note, I realized the other day that we decided the date of The Girl’s baptism (September 11, invites forthcoming), talked to the priest and then forgot to organize anything else. So the other day I went into full fledged panic mode as I realized that in August no one really works here, even when they’re actually open for business, that September was right around the corner and we haven’t invited anyone as of yet, much less thought about refreshments etc. And this is my biggest nightmare, a party with no guests, and no chow. Poor Girl!! So, I got a-organizing as they say.
In fact, I’m going to cut this post short as I have to go order the invitations online NOW!
Next, I’ll be writing a post on one of my biggest pet peeves: bullies, bad manners and those who foster them (i.e. the parents) so stay tuned!


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